National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade
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No, Uber is not available in Belgrade. However, there is a wide variety of transport options available to help you easily and economically navigate Serbia’s capital.

Serbia’s gritty and historic capital is a beacon for travelers from around Europe and the rest of the world, but navigating this Balkan capital can be challenging if you are not farmiliar with the local transport options. If you are planning to visit Belgrade, you might wonder, “Is there Uber in Belgrade?” and if not, just how the heck are you going to get around?!?

In this article, we delve into whether or not Uber is in Belgrade and what other transportation options are available to get around in Belgrade.

Is There Uber in Belgrade?

No. Unfortunately, there is no Uber in Belgrade, nor is there Uber in Serbia at all.

Are There Any Other Ride-sharing Apps in Belgrade?


While there may not be Uber in Belgrade, there are several other options that you can choose from.

Car: Go

Car: Go is a Serbian-based company that operates similar to Uber. Car: Go connects passengers to drivers through the app, allowing them to order rides, track the driver’s location, and pay via the app.

To use the Car: Go app you need to create a profile. Currently, only individuals with a phone number from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Austria, France, and the United Kingdom can register using the app. Thus, to use this service, you may need to get a local SIM card.

Yandex Go

Another ride-sharing app in Belgrade is Yandex Go, a Russian ride-hailing company. The Yandex Go app connects passengers with drivers, allowing you to order a ride to your requested destination, communicate and track the driver, and pay directly through the app (or with cash). Depending on your comfort level, you can choose an economy or comfort car.

With the Yandex Go app, you can also order electric scooters to get around town with rates starting at 12 RSD per minute.

The Yandex Go app is available in English; however, the driver may or may not speak English.

Both Car: Go and Yandex Go are available throughout Serbia, making them great alternatives to Uber in Serbia no matter where you are!
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Taxis in Belgrade

As with any large city, there are a number of taxi operators in Belgrade.

Pink Taxi

Pink Taxi is one of the most reliable taxi companies in Belgrade. Recognizable by their pink color, it is hard not to notice them on the streets. In addition, Pink Taxi offers some of the most competitive rates, with a kilometer costing less than one Euro. Pink Taxis are also pet-friendly, just inform them while you are ordering your taxi.

For tourists, the best way to order a taxi is by using the Pink Taxi app (see more below) or sending a Viber message to 0604889979. You can also call them using a Belgrade phone number at 19803.

Naxis Taxi

Naxis Taxi is another popular taxi company in Belgrade. It offers competitive pricing, with a kilometer costing less than one euro, and it is also pet-friendly.

You can book a Naxis Taxi using their own Naxis Taxi app or by dialing one of the numbers below.

Naxis Taxi should accept credit cards.

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Are There Taxi Apps in Belgrade?


The most popular taxi company in Belgrade, Pink Taxi, has its own taxi app that can be downloaded and used. You do not need to have a Belgrade phone number (or, in fact, even a phone number at all) to download and use the app.

The Pink Taxi app works similarly to Uber,, allowing you to order a taxi based on your location. You can even save locations in your portfolio for future use. You can also pay for your ride using a credit card through the app.

The Pink Taxi app is available in English.

In addition to Pink Taxi, Naxis Taxi also operates its own taxi app; however, to use this app, you will need a working telephone number (the number does not have to be Serbian).

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Are Taxis Cheap?

In general, and compared to many other European cities, taxis in Belgrade are relatively affordable. You can expect to pay approximately 1,230 RSD (or €10) for a ten-kilometer taxi ride in the city.

How Much Do Taxis Cost?

The government regulates taxi prices in Belgrade, and should be the same across different taxi companies. The base fare for a taxi in Belgrade is 270 RSD, increasing by 96 RSD per kilometer during the day (6:00 am – 10:00 pm) and 125 RSD at night (10:00 pm – 6:00 am) and on Sundays and holidays. The cost per kilometer for traveling outside of the city center is 192 per kilometer.

Do Taxis Accept Credit Cards?

Most taxis in Belgrade do not accept credit cards, and cash is king. If you want to pay by credit card, it is best to use one of the taxi apps in Belgrade, as most taxi apps accept card payments through the application.

If you plan on paying with cash, carry small bills as well to avoid a potentially unpleasant interaction with the driver at the end of the ride.

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Are Taxis Safe?

Taxis are generally safe in Belgrade if you use reputable companies or apps. Like other cities, however, unscrupulous individuals may always be out to get you.

If you do plan on taking a taxi, make sure the one you are taking is a licensed professional. Taxis in Belgrade do not have to be in a yellow car, but they must follow a few rules and regulations. For example, a taxi must have a taxi sign on the top of their vehicle with the name of the taxi association they are a member of and a number. A taxi will also have the letters “TX” at the end of their license plate number.

If the taxi you are about to sit in doesn’t meet these two requirements, it is best to keep looking for an authorized taxi.

How to Avoid Taxi Scams

Unfortunately, like in many places, in Serbia, taxi scams and underhanded tactics are widespread. Today’s technological developments mean that many of these can be avoided; however, it is always important to be aware of the most common taxi scams to mitigate the risk of getting ripped off.

  • No change: In Belgrade, it is still common for taxi drivers to only accept cash which means that carrying small bills is imperative. The “no change” scam has to be one of the oldest taxi scams in the book. You arrive at your destination and pay your fare only to find the driver doesn’t have the right change, after an awkward stare-down, you tell them not to worry about the change. To avoid it always carry some small bills and change.
  • Broken meter: Another scam regularly pursued by taxi drivers to get every last penny is the broken scam trick. If you run into this scam, keep looking. Belgrade taxis are required to use a meter to operate. If the taxi driver tells you their meter is broken, it is likely just a ploy to squeeze a little extra cash out of the ride.
  • Rigged meter: A timeless scam (and one many of us have likely been victims of) is the rigged meter. Some drivers will alter the meter to run at astonishing speed resulting in a taxi fare that is out of proportion with the distance traveled. Unfortunately, you are likely in a pickle if this happens, as the ride has already been completed. To help avoid these situations, check the price list and monitor the route on your phone. If you believe that the meter is ticking over faster than it should, request to be dropped off immediately, take down the number of the taxi driver, and inform the local authorities.
  • The long way round: Not as common as before with the invention of Google Maps on our phones, but there is always a possibility that the driver will take you to the wrong location or perhaps take a long and scenic route to reach the correct destination running up the metered fare along the way. Whether this is intentional or not, it is always a good idea to track the driver’s route to wherever you are trying to go i) to ensure you are being taken to the right place and ii) to avoid taking an extra long route to get there.
  • Tourist Taxis / Taxi Mob: Taxis congregating around major tourist hotspots in Belgrade that have only a white sign with numbers on it should be avoided. These “individual taxi servicers” known as Taxi Mob prey on tourists and they charge A LOT more than normal taxis. Always use an official taxi service cab from one of the providers mentioned here.

When possible, it is always recommended to order a taxi in advance, especially when taking a taxi from popular tourist destinations.

If you do hail a taxi ensure that taxis have;

  • A license plate that has TX at the end
  • An official taxi sign on the roof
  • A working taximeter and prices listed clearly with driver id.
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Other Ways to Get Around in Belgrade

Taxis are not the only way to get around Belgrade. There are other modes of transportation that you can use depending on your budget, preference, and destination. Some of these are:

Public Transportation in Belgrade

Belgrade’s public transportation system is extensive, connecting all parts of the city and its suburbs. It’s a cost-effective way to travel, especially for tourists looking to experience the city like a local.


The backbone of public transit in Belgrade, serving extensive routes. The bus in Belgrade is one of the most common forms of transportation. It runs on various routes across the city and charges fixed fares depending on the zone. You can purchase a ticket on the bus using cash, at one of the terminals found throughout the city.


Useful for traveling within the city center and reaching some suburbs. The trolleybus is similar to the bus but runs on electric power from overhead wires. It covers some parts of the city that are not served by the tram, such as Dedinje Hill, Banjica Forest Park, Slavija Square, and Vukov Spomenik Monument. The trolleybus runs daily from 5 am to midnight (2 am on Fridays and Saturdays) and costs 90 RSD for a single ticket.


Useful for traveling within the city center and reaching some suburbs.The tram is another popular and convenient way to travel around Belgrade. It consists of 12 lines connecting all major city districts and attractions, such as Kalemegdan Fortress, Republic Square, Skadarlija Street, Ada Ciganlija Island, and Zemun Quay. The tram runs daily from 5 am to midnight (2 am on Fridays and Saturdays) and costs 90 RSD for a single ticket.

Finding Routes and Schedules

  1. Online Resources: The GSP Beograd website offers route maps and timetables.
  2. Mobile Apps: Apps like Moovit or Google Maps can provide real-time information and route planning.

Tickets and Fares

  1. Purchasing Tickets: Tickets, known as ‘BusPlus’, can be bought at kiosks marked ‘BusPlus’ or ‘Prodaja Karata’. Some buses allow onboard purchases, but it’s usually more expensive.
  2. Ticket Prices: A single ride ticket costs about 89 RSD (around 0.75 USD). There are also options for daily, weekly, and monthly passes.
  3. Validating Tickets: Always validate your ticket upon entering the vehicle using the card readers.

Using the Services

  1. Buses, Trams, and Trolleybuses: Look for the designated stops marked with the service numbers. Wait times can vary, but services are generally frequent, especially during peak hours.
  2. Night Services: Limited night services are available, mainly on popular routes.

Tips for Smooth Travel

  • Peak Hours: Try to avoid peak times if possible, as buses and trams can get crowded.
  • Etiquette: Offer your seat to the elderly, pregnant women, or those with disabilities.
  • Safety: Keep an eye on your belongings, as crowded vehicles can be a target for pickpockets.


  • Public transportation in Belgrade is gradually becoming more accessible, but not all vehicles are equipped for people with disabilities.
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Rent a Car in Belgrade

A rental car in Belgrade is a great option if you want more freedom and flexibility to explore at your own pace or venture outside of the city center.

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How to Get from Belgrade Airport to City Center

Passengers with luggage in airport flat illustration
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Traveling from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to the city center is quite straightforward, with several options available to suit different preferences and budgets. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best mode of transportation for your needs.

Bus Service

  • A1 Mini Bus: This is a popular and economical option. It operates between the airport and Slavija Square, a central location well-connected to other parts of the city.
    • Frequency: Runs every 20 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes off-peak.
    • Cost: Approximately 300 RSD (around 2.5 USD).
    • Duration: About 30 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • Public Bus Line 72: Another budget-friendly option, it connects the airport to Zeleni Venac, in the city center.
    • Frequency: Every 30-40 minutes.
    • Cost: 89 RSD (less than 1 USD) if the ticket is purchased at a kiosk, or 150 RSD (around 1.25 USD) if bought from the driver.
    • Duration: Around 40 minutes, subject to traffic conditions.


  • Official Airport Taxis: Available at taxi stands outside the arrivals area. It’s advisable to use official taxis to avoid overcharging.
    • Fixed Price: There are fixed prices depending on the city zone, ranging from 1,400 RSD (around 12 USD) to 6,000 RSD (around 50 USD).
    • Duration: Approximately 20-30 minutes to the city center.

Car Rental

  • Rental Agencies: Several car rental agencies are available at the airport if you prefer to drive yourself.
    • Cost: Varies with the agency and type of vehicle.
    • Driving: Remember that parking in Belgrade city center can be challenging and is often chargeable.

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Private Transfer

  • Pre-Booked Rides: For a more comfortable and hassle-free experience, consider booking a private transfer.
    • Cost: More expensive than buses or taxis, but prices are fixed and include meet-and-greet service.
    • Booking: Can be done online through various services.

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Ride-Sharing Apps

  • Options like Car:Go: While Uber is not available in Belgrade, apps like Car:Go offer a similar service.
    • Cost: Variable, generally higher than buses but competitive with taxis.
    • Convenience: Can be booked via smartphone and offer door-to-door service.

Traveling around Serbia offers a diverse experience, from exploring ancient fortresses and monasteries to enjoying its vibrant cities and beautiful natural landscapes. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the various transport options available for getting around the country.

How to Travel From Belgrade Around Serbia and Europe

By Train

  • National Railway Service: Serbian Railways (Železnice Srbije) operates train services connecting major cities and some regional areas.
    • Comfort and Scenery: Trains offer a comfortable way to travel and enjoy scenic views, especially on routes like Belgrade to Bar.
    • Cost: Generally affordable, with prices depending on the class and speed of the train.
    • Booking: Tickets can be bought at train stations or online via the Serbian Railways website.

By Bus

  • Extensive Network: Buses connect almost every part of the country, including smaller towns where train service is limited.
    • Operators: Numerous private companies operate long-distance and regional bus services.
    • Cost: Reasonably priced, often cheaper than trains.
    • Comfort: Varies widely depending on the operator, from basic to luxury coaches.

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By Car

  • Rentals: Renting a car offers flexibility and is ideal for exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations.
    • Road Conditions: Roads are generally in good condition, but be cautious in rural areas.
    • Cost: Varies with rental company and vehicle type. Remember to account for fuel and potential toll costs.

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Domestic Flights

  • Limited Options: Useful if you’re short on time, with flights mainly between Belgrade and Niš.
    • Airlines: Air Serbia is the main operator of domestic flights.
    • Cost: Usually more expensive than other modes of transport.

By Bike

  • Cycling Routes: Serbia’s diverse landscapes offer appealing routes for cyclists, especially in rural and mountainous regions.
    • Bike Rentals: Available in major cities and some tourist areas.


  • Cultural Acceptance: Fairly common and accepted, especially in rural areas.
    • Safety: Generally safe, but usual precautions should be taken.

Is There Uber Eats in Belgrade?

A question that quickly follows, “is there Uber in Belgrade?” is, “is there Uber Eats in Belgrade? “

While Uber Eats does not exist in Belgrade, there are definitely food delivery options in Belgrade. Glovo and Wolt operate similarly to Uber Eats, allowing you to order various meals straight to your doorstep. Both options will also deliver groceries and just about anything else you can think of.


Headed to other destinations in Europe? Find out whether Uber is there, and if not, how to get around on your next holiday.

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