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Is there Uber in Bucharest? Yes! Uber is available in Bucharest and it has become popular for locals and tourists alike who want to avoid the hassle of negotiating taxi fares or navigating public transport. However, Uber is not the only option for getting around in Bucharest. There are several alternatives including other rideshares, traditional taxis, and public transport that may be worth considering.

Welcome to Bucharest, the vibrant capital city of Romania! Known for its eclectic architecture, rich history, and bustling nightlife, Bucharest offers a unique blend of traditional charm and modern energy. Whether you’re exploring the historic Old Town, visiting the Grand Palace of the Parliament, or enjoying the city’s many parks and lakes, getting around efficiently is key to experiencing all that Bucharest has to offer. This comprehensive guide to transport in Bucharest will dive into the availability of Uber, rideshare, taxi transport, public transport, and every other option for exploring this historic city and beyond.

Is There Uber in Bucharest?

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Yes, Uber is available in Bucharest.

This popular ride-sharing service provides a convenient and often cost-effective way to navigate the city. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting, exploring tourist attractions, or going out for the evening, Uber offers a range of options from affordable rides to more premium services. The app is user-friendly, allowing you to estimate your fare and track your ride in real-time.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Bucharest?

In Bucharest, Uber’s pricing is competitive and often considered more affordable compared to traditional taxis, especially for tourists unfamiliar with local taxi pricing. The cost of an Uber ride in Bucharest is calculated based on a combination of factors: a base fare, a charge per kilometer, and a charge per minute. These components can vary depending on the type of Uber service you choose (e.g., UberX, Uber Comfort).

Example Fare:

  • Airport to City Center: A common trip is from Henri Coandă International Airport to Bucharest City Center. This journey is 16 kilometers and takes between 20 and 40 minutes, and typically costs around 40-70 RON (approximately $8 – $14 USD), depending on traffic conditions and the exact destination in the city center.

Pricing Structure:

  • Base Fare: Uber rides in Bucharest usually start with a base fare, which is a fixed amount for picking you up.
  • Per Kilometer: After the base fare, you’re charged for each kilometer of the trip.
  • Per Minute: There’s also a charge for the time spent during the trip.

Additional Factors:

  • Surge Pricing: During times of high demand, prices may temporarily increase to balance the availability of cars.
  • Vehicle Type: Choosing a higher-end vehicle type (like Uber Comfort) will increase the fare.

For the most accurate and up-to-date fares, it’s recommended to use the Uber app, as it can provide real-time estimates based on current traffic and demand.

Benefits of Using Uber in Bucharest

  • Convenience: The Uber app is user-friendly, allowing easy booking and real-time tracking of your ride.
  • Safety: Uber provides driver details and trip tracking, which is particularly reassuring for tourists.
  • Cashless Payment: Payments are made through the app, which is convenient for travelers who may not have local currency.
  • Transparent Pricing: Fare estimates are provided upfront, reducing the likelihood of unexpected costs.

Known Issues with Uber in Bucharest

While Uber is generally reliable in Bucharest, there are a few issues to be aware of:

  • Surge Pricing: During peak hours, fares can increase significantly due to high demand.
  • Availability: In some areas, especially outside central Bucharest or late at night, it might be harder to find an available ride.
  • Traffic Delays: Bucharest is known for its heavy traffic, which can lead to longer wait times and extended travel times.

Tips for Using Uber in Bucharest

  • Plan your trips during off-peak hours to avoid surge pricing.
  • Always check the driver’s ratings and reviews for a safer experience.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when waiting for your Uber, especially at night.

Are There Other Ride-sharing Apps in Bucharest?

Bucharest also has other ride-sharing options. Bolt (formerly Taxify) is a popular alternative, known for its competitive pricing and wide availability. Bolt offers similar services to Uber, including different categories of rides to suit various needs and budgets. Many passengers choose to use both Bolt and Uber to maximise their chance of finding a ride at the cheapest price.

Download the Bolt app

Taxis in Bucharest

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Taxis are a prevalent and accessible mode of transportation in Bucharest. They are generally affordable and can be hailed directly from the street. However, it’s advisable to be cautious with street-hailed taxis, as tourists can sometimes be overcharged. To avoid this, either book taxis directly through a reputable company, or if hailing from the street look for taxis with a company name and phone number displayed, and ensure the meter is running. Reputable companies include Meridian Taxi and Speed Taxi. Many locals recommend using taxi apps like Star Taxi or Clever Taxi to book a ride, as this provides a record of your trip and the estimated fare upfront.

Choosing a Taxi

When selecting a taxi in Bucharest, it’s important to be discerning. Always opt for taxis that display a company name, phone number, and rates clearly on the exterior. Reputable taxi services typically have a logo and contact information visibly placed on the car. Avoid taxis that don’t display a meter or have a meter that seems to be running too fast.

Recommended Taxi Companies

Some of the trusted taxi companies in Bucharest include:

  1. Meridian Taxi: Known for its reliability and professional service +40 21 9444
  2. Speed Taxi: Offers a convenient mobile app for easy booking +40 21 9477

Using Taxi Apps

To ensure a safe and fair-priced journey, consider using taxi apps like Star Taxi, Clever Taxi or FreeNow. These apps not only allow you to book a taxi but also provide information about the fare and the driver. You can track your taxi in real time, making it a secure option, especially for tourists.

Fare and Payment

While taxi fares in Bucharest are regulated and should be displayed, in reality, some taxis may be reluctant to use the meter and may insist on a fixed fare.

The starting fare is usually small around 3 RON ($0.65 USD), with a set rate per kilometer also around 3 RON (USD 0.65) per kilometer. Most taxis accept cash, and some may accept credit cards, but it’s best to confirm the payment method with the driver at the start of your journey. Taxis may have a minimum charge of around 10 RON ($2.20 USD)

Passengers should also carry small bills and coins as bucaresmany drivers will not carry change.

Tips for Tourists

  • Always check that the taxi has a functional meter and that it’s used during your ride.
  • It’s advisable to have an idea of the route or ask the driver about the estimated fare beforehand.
  • Having some Romanian currency (Lei) is helpful as not all drivers accept card payments.

Other Ways to Get Around Bucharest

Bucharest offers a variety of transportation options beyond ride-sharing and taxis. Here’s an overview:


Bucharest’s metro is a fast, efficient way to travel across the city. It covers most areas of interest and is particularly useful for avoiding traffic during peak hours.

  • Cost: A single journey ticket costs 2.50 RON (about 0.50 USD). There are also options for one-day or multiple-day passes.
  • How to Use: Tickets can be purchased at metro stations. The metro operates from around 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM.
  • More Information: Metrorex

Buses, Trams, and Trolleybuses

The city has an extensive network of buses, trams, and trolleybuses.

  • Cost: A single journey ticket costs around 1.30 RON (about 0.27 USD).
  • How to Use: Tickets must be validated upon boarding. They can be purchased from kiosks at major stops or stations.
  • More Information: STB SA


Bucharest has a growing bike-sharing system, ideal for short trips around the city.

  • Cost: The pricing varies; some systems offer free rides for the first 30 minutes.
  • How to Use: Bikes can be rented from various stations across the city. Users typically need to register on an app.
  • More Information: IVelo


Many of Bucharest’s attractions are located within walking distance of each other, particularly in the city center. Walking is a great way to explore the local culture and architecture.

How Do I Get from the International Airport to the City Center?

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Traveling from Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP) to Bucharest City Center can be done through various means. Here are the most common options:

Private Transfer

Private Airport Transfers: Have a professional driver ready and waiting for you in the arrivals hall. These can be pre-booked online for a more comfortable and personalized service, without the hassle of trying to arrange transport upon arrival.

  • Cost: Varies by provider but typically starts around 100 RON (about 20 USD).

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Uber and Ride-Sharing

As discussed, you can book an Uber or other rideshare like Bolt upon arrival in Bucharest, offering a convenient and affordable way to travel from the airport to the city center.

  • Cost: Approximately 40-70 RON (8-14 USD).


There are official taxis available at the airport. Be aware the airport is a hotspot for unscrupulous drivers preying on tourists. Many riders have had bad experiences catching taxis from the airport. Consider taking an Uber or rideshare instead.

  • Cost: The fare to the city center is usually around 70-100 RON (15-20 USD).
  • How to Use: Use the taxi stands outside the terminal; ensure the meter is running.

Express Bus

780/783 Express Lines: These buses connect the airport with the city center and main train station.

  • Cost: A two-trip card costs 7 RON (about 1.50 USD).
  • How to Use: Purchase tickets from the kiosk and validate them inside the bus.

Rental Car

  • Car Rentals: Several car rental agencies operate at the airport.
    • Cost: Varies by agency and type of car but rates start from around $50 USD per day.
    • How to Use: Book online and pick up at the airport upon arrival.

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Is Wifi Available in the Bucarest Airport?

Yes, free WiFi is available at the Bucharest Airport for visitors. This should be useful for you to book transport upon your arrival. However, it’s worth noting that the WiFi might be slow​.

How to Travel Between Cities in Romania

Traveling between cities in Romania offers a variety of options, catering to different preferences and budgets.

By Train

Romania has an extensive railway network connecting major cities and towns. CFR Călători, the national railway company, provides regular services between key destinations like Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, and Iași. Trains range from rapid intercity services to slower regional trains. Prices vary depending on the distance and train type, but they are generally affordable. A journey from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca, for example, can cost between 100 RON (approximately 22 USD) and 160 RON (approximately 35 USD) for a second-class ticket. For schedules and ticket booking, visit the CFR Călători website.

By Bus

Buses are another popular means of intercity travel. Numerous private companies operate bus services connecting various cities. These buses are often more frequent and can be cheaper than trains. A bus trip from Bucharest to Brașov, for instance, might cost around 40 RON (about 9 USD). FlixBus and Autogari are notable providers, with online booking available on their websites: FlixBus and Autogari.

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By Car

Renting a car provides flexibility for those wanting to explore at their own pace. Major rental companies are available in most cities and airports. The cost varies with the type of car and rental duration, but expect to pay from 150 RON (around 33 USD) per day. Be mindful of the driving conditions and local traffic rules.

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Is There Uber Eats in Bucharest?

Yes, Uber Eats is available in Bucharest. It’s a popular choice for food delivery, offering a wide range of cuisines from local restaurants and fast-food chains. Users can access Uber Eats through its app, available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Besides Uber Eats, other food delivery services like Glovo and Foodpanda are also active and widely used in Bucharest.

Here are some of the most popular services:

  1. Uber Eats
  2. Glovo
    • Glovo is another popular choice in Bucharest, known for its quick delivery service. It doesn’t just deliver food; you can also order other items like groceries and pharmaceuticals.
    • Glovo for iOS
    • Glovo for Android
  3. Foodpanda
    • Foodpanda, operating in various countries, is also available in Bucharest. It provides a comprehensive range of food options with regular promotions and discounts.
    • Foodpanda for iOS
    • Foodpanda for Android
  4. Bolt Food
    • Bolt, primarily known for its ride-hailing service, also offers food delivery in Bucharest. It’s gaining popularity due to its efficient service and a good selection of restaurants.
    • Bolt Food for iOS
    • Bolt Food for Android
  5. Tazz by eMAG

These services are highly competitive, ensuring good quality, a wide variety of food options, and efficient delivery times. Don’t forget to check for any first-time user discounts or special promotions they might offer!

Final Thoughts on Uber in Bucharest

Uber in Bucharest has significantly influenced the city’s transportation dynamics, offering a convenient, reliable, and often cost-effective alternative to traditional taxis and public transport. It also offers a reliable, safe and familiar option to foreigners who may be nervous about traveling in taxis.

The availability of Uber complements the already varied transportation options in Bucharest and Romania. Whether it’s navigating the city or exploring the Romanian countryside, travelers have multiple choices, from the efficient rail network to the extensive road system suitable for buses and private cars.


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