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Is there Uber in Dubrovnik? Yes, Uber is available in Dubrovnik. This service provides a convenient option for travelers to navigate the city, offering an alternative to traditional taxis and public transportation. Uber in Dubrovnik allows visitors to explore the city’s stunning coastal views and historic sites with ease, leveraging the app’s familiar interface to book rides. This service is especially popular during the tourist season, providing a straightforward solution for getting around.

Dubrovnik, at the southern tip of Croatia, is a stunning and historic city that attracts millions of visitors every year. Whether you are traveling to Dubrovnik for culture, leisure, or adventure, you might be wondering how to get around the city and explore its attractions. One of the options you might consider is Uber, the popular ride-sharing app that operates in many countries around the world.

But is Uber available in Dubrovnik? How does it work, and what are the alternatives? In this article, we will answer these questions to help you plan your trip and enjoy your stay in Dubrovnik.

Is There Uber in Dubrovnik

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Yes, there is Uber in Dubrovnik!

Uber launched its service in Dubrovnik in 2016, and since then it has become one of the most convenient and reliable transportation options for locals and visitors alike. With just a few taps on the Uber app, you can easily request a ride and be picked up by a nearby driver in a matter of minutes.

Whether you need to explore the city’s attractions, get to work, or meet friends, Uber is ready to take you where you need to go in Dubrovnik. However, there is a catch.

Uber is not fully legal in Dubrovnik, as it does not have a license to operate as a taxi service. This means that Uber drivers face the risk of being fined or arrested by the authorities, and passengers may not be covered by insurance in case of accidents or disputes.

Uber has been lobbying for legal recognition and regulation in Dubrovnik, but so far it has not been successful. Therefore, if you decide to use Uber in Dubrovnik, you should be aware of the potential risks and consequences if stopped by the police.

Uber is also available in other major Croatian cities like Split and Zagreb, Zadar, Šibenik.

Are Ubers Cheap in Dubrovnik?

Comparatively, Uber can be a cost-effective option in Dubrovnik, especially when compared to traditional taxis. Prices are competitive, and with Uber, riders benefit from clear, upfront pricing, which can help budget-conscious travelers manage their expenses better. The cost-effectiveness of Uber also comes from the ability to choose different service levels, such as UberX or Uber Comfort, depending on budget and preference.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Dubrovnik?

Uber fares in Dubrovnik are calculated based on a standard formula, which includes a base fare plus a per-minute and per-kilometer charge. Prices may vary depending on the time of day, demand, and type of service chosen. For example, a ride from Dubrovnik Airport to the Old Town might cost around 250-350 HRK ($35-$50 USD), but this is subject to change based on the factors mentioned. It’s advisable to check the Uber app for the most accurate and current pricing.

How Do You Pay for Uber in Dubrovnik?

Payment for Uber rides in Dubrovnik is conveniently handled through the Uber app. Riders can link a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to their Uber account for easy, cashless transactions. This method simplifies the payment process and provides a receipt via email, making it easier to track expenses and manage travel budgets.

Common Uber Issues in Dubrovnik?

While Uber is a reliable service in Dubrovnik, users may occasionally face issues such as high demand during peak tourist season, leading to longer wait times or longer surge pricing. Navigating through the narrow and crowded streets of the Old Town might also pose challenges for pickups and drop-offs. However, these issues can often be mitigated by planning rides in advance or choosing pickup and drop-off locations that are easily accessible.

Do I Need to Tip Uber Drivers in Dubrovnik?

Tipping Uber drivers in Dubrovnik is not mandatory, but it is appreciated for exceptional service. Unlike some other countries where tipping is expected, in Croatia, it’s more about showing gratitude for a pleasant ride. If you tip, doing so through the app or in cash is equally acceptable.

Are There Other Ride-Sharing Apps in Dubrovnik?

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Uber is not the only ride-sharing app that operates in Dubrovnik. Bolt in Dubrovnik is Uber’s main competitor, but several other competitors, such as InDrive, Rida, and Bolt, offer similar services.

Just like Uber, these apps allow you to book a ride, pay for it, and track the vehicle’s location in real-time, providing options for different types of rides, such as economy, executive, and luxury.

Some apps also have features that let you negotiate the fare with the driver, or share the ride with other passengers going the same way. You can download these apps from Google Play or Apple Store and compare their prices and availability before choosing the best option for you.




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Taxis in Dubrovnik

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While we recommend taking an Uber in Dubrovnik, sometimes it just isn’t possible. If you need to book a taxi in Dubrovnik, we have included the most reputable agencies below as well as a few general questions and concerns when hailing taxis.

Taxi Compaies in Dubrovnik


Taxi Dubrovnik Francesko is one of the best taxis in the business. Reliable service, easy communication and friendly drivers are just a few of the reasons to book a taxi with Taxi Dubrovnik Francesko.

Taxi Dubrovnik – Radulovic Ltd

Taxi Dubrovnik – Radulovic Ltd offers private taxi and minivan services, airport transfers, and sightseeing tours. They have more than 15 years of experience and are committed to excellence in fulfilling their customer’s needs and expectations through comfortable and on-time transportation service.

Where Are the Taxi Stands in Dubrovnik?

Need a taxi fast? Taxis in Dubrovnik can be regularly found at the locations listed below.

  • Main bus station in Gruž near the arrival/departure bus places
  • Main ferry terminal in Gruž on the right side as soon as you embark from the ferry
  • Just outside of Pile Gate, the west entrance to the old town
  • Just outside Ploce Gate, the east entrance to the old town
  • Near the post office in Lapad
  • At the Dubrovnik Cilipi Airport follow the taxi signs in the arrivals hall

It is important to note that taxis cannot enter the old town of Dubrovnik, and the pick up and drop off locations are the Pile Gate and Ploce Gate on the west and east entrances to the old town.

Are Taxis Cheap in Dubrovnik?

If you prefer to use traditional taxis instead of ride-sharing apps, you will find plenty of them on the streets of Dubrovnik. However, taxis in Dubrovnik are not very cheap, especially compared to other European cities.

How Much Do Taxis in Dubrovnik Cost?

The starting price of a taxi in Dubrovnik is €3.36, and each subsequent kilometer is then priced at €1.08 during the day with additional charges late at night and on Sundays.

The cost of a taxi ride in Dubrovnik depends on several factors, such as the distance, traffic, time of day, luggage, and destination. For example, a taxi ride from Dubrovnik Airport to Dubrovnik Old Town should cost approximately €38.

Do Taxis in Dubrovnik Accept Credit Cards?

Most taxis in Dubrovnik do not accept credit cards as a form of payment. You will need to pay in cash using Euros. It is advisable to have enough change in small denominations to avoid any hassle or dispute with the driver. Some taxi drivers might try to overcharge you or claim that they don’t have change, so be prepared to negotiate and insist on paying the correct amount.

Are There Taxi Apps in Dubrovnik?

Yes, there are taxi apps in Dubrovnik.

The most popular taxi app, and the first on the market, is Plavi Taxi. Plavi Taxi is a great alternative to Uber. Benefits of Plavi include a free car seat after 6 pm, pet friendly, and credit cards beinge accepted.

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Are Taxis Safe in Dubrovnik?

Taxis are generally safe in Dubrovnik if you use reputable companies or apps. However, there are some risks and challenges that you should be aware of and avoid. Some of these are:

  • Traffic congestion: Dubrovnik is notorious for its heavy traffic, especially during peak hours and tourist season. This can make your trip longer and more expensive than expected. Try to avoid traveling during rush hours or plan your route in advance to avoid traffic jams.
  • Road accidents: Dubrovnik has a high rate of road accidents, partly due to poor road conditions, reckless driving, and lack of enforcement. Always wear your seat belt, avoid distractions, and follow the traffic rules. If you are involved in an accident, stay calm and contact the police or your embassy if needed.
  • Crime: Dubrovnik has a low crime rate, but there are still some areas that are more prone to robberies, pickpockets, or kidnappings. You might be targeted as a foreigner or a tourist by some criminals. Avoid traveling alone at night or in unfamiliar areas. Keep your valuables hidden and secure. Do not accept rides from strangers or unmarked vehicles. If you feel unsafe or threatened, call the police or your embassy immediately.

How to Avoid Taxi Scams in Dubrovnik

Taxi scams are common in many cities around the world, and Dubrovnik is no exception. Some of the most common taxi scams that you might encounter are:

  • The driver takes you somewhere else: The driver might try to take you to a different destination than the one you requested, such as a shop, a hotel, or a restaurant where they get a commission. They might also take a longer or more expensive route than necessary. To avoid this scam, insist that the driver take you where you want to go, not where they want to take you. Use a map or a GPS app to check the route and the distance. Agree on the fare before you get in or use a metered taxi or an app.
  • The driver has no change: The driver might claim that they don’t have change for your bill and ask you to pay more than the agreed amount. They might also give you counterfeit bills as change. To avoid this scam, always have enough change in small denominations to pay the exact amount. Check the bills carefully before accepting them and report any suspicious ones to the authorities.
  • The driver switches the bill: The driver might swap your bill with a smaller one and claim that you gave them the wrong amount. They might also pretend to drop your bill and pick up another one from the floor. To avoid this scam, pay attention when you hand over your bill and make sure that the driver sees it clearly. Ask for a receipt and keep it as proof of payment.
  • The broken meter: The driver might tell you that their meter is broken or not working properly and charge you an inflated fare based on their own estimation. They might also tamper with the meter to make it run faster or show a higher amount than the actual distance. To avoid this scam, only use taxis that have working meters and check them regularly during your trip. If the meter is broken or suspicious, refuse to pay and get out of the taxi.

Other Ways to Get Around Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik offers a variety of transportation options beyond taxis and ride-sharing services, each providing a unique way to explore the city and its surroundings. Here’s a look at some alternative modes of transport:

Public Transportation

Dubrovnik’s public transportation system, primarily consisting of buses, is operated by Libertas Dubrovnik. The network covers the entire city, including routes to and from the airport, making it a cost-effective option for getting around. Buses are frequent, reliable, and offer extensive coverage of the city and its suburbs.

  • Cost: A single bus ticket purchased on the bus costs 15 HRK (about $2 USD), but slightly cheaper if bought at kiosks or vending machines. There are also daily and multi-day passes available for unlimited rides, which are economical for longer stays.
  • Where to Find More Information: Visit the Libertas Dubrovnik website (Libertas Dubrovnik) for route maps, schedules, and fare information.

Cable Car

The Dubrovnik Cable Car offers not just a mode of transport but an experience, providing stunning aerial views of the city, the Adriatic Sea, and the surrounding islands. It connects the Old Town with Mount Srđ, a perfect vantage point for breathtaking vistas and sunsets.

  • Cost: A round-trip adult ticket costs approximately 200 HRK ($30 USD).
  • Where to Find More Information: Check the official website (Dubrovnik Cable Car) for the latest prices and operating hours.


Given Dubrovnik’s compact and historic nature, walking is one of the best ways to explore the city, especially the Old Town, which is pedestrian-only. Walking not only allows you to appreciate the city’s medieval architecture up close but also to discover hidden alleys, charming cafés, and picturesque spots at your own pace.

Bicycles and Scooters

Renting a bicycle or scooter can be a fun and flexible way to explore Dubrovnik and its vicinity. While the hilly terrain may be challenging, it’s a great option for the more adventurous traveler, allowing access to areas less frequented by tourists.

  • Cost: Rental prices vary but expect to pay around 100-150 HRK ($15-$20 USD) per day for a scooter and less for a bicycle.
  • Where to Find More Information: Many rental shops are available in Dubrovnik, offering daily rentals. It’s recommended to compare prices and check reviews before renting.

Boats and Ferries

To explore the stunning Dalmatian coastline and nearby islands like Lokrum, Mljet, or the Elaphiti Islands, taking a boat or ferry is a fantastic option. Various companies offer regular services, tours, and private charters.

  • Cost: Prices vary depending on the destination and type of service (tour, private charter, etc.). A round trip to Lokrum Island, for example, might cost around 150 HRK ($20 USD).
  • Where to Find More Information: Dubrovnik’s port and old harbor are the main departure points, with ticket booths and information available onsite.

These alternative transportation options offer unique perspectives and experiences in exploring Dubrovnik, catering to different preferences and interests. Whether you prefer the autonomy of a scooter, the scenic route of the cable car, or the affordability and authenticity of public transport, Dubrovnik has something for every traveler.

How Do I Get from the International Airport to the City Center?

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Dubrovnik Airport, located approximately 20 km (about 12 miles) southeast of Dubrovnik city center, offers several transportation options for getting to the heart of the city. Here are the main ways to travel between the airport and the city center:

Private Transfer

For convenience and comfort, many travelers opt for a private transfer. This service can be booked in advance, ensuring a driver will be waiting for you upon arrival.

  • Cost: Prices vary but expect to pay around 250-350 HRK ($35-$50 USD) for a private transfer to the city center.
  • Where to Find More Information: Several companies offer pre-booked transfers. Websites like TripAdvisor are good places to compare options and book online.

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Shuttle Bus

The airport shuttle bus is a popular and economical choice, offering direct service to Pile Gate near the Old Town and the main bus station in Gruž.

  • Cost: A one-way ticket costs approximately 55 HRK ($7-$8 USD).
  • Where to Find More Information: Timetables and additional details can be found on the official website of the shuttle service provider, Platanus Dubrovnik Airport Shuttle, which aligns its schedule with flight arrivals and departures.


Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals terminal. They offer a convenient way to reach your destination, especially if you’re traveling with a lot of luggage or in a group.

  • Cost: A taxi ride to the city center will cost around 250-350 HRK ($35-$50 USD), similar to private transfers.
  • Where to Find More Information: It’s advisable to use a taxi from the official taxi stand to avoid overcharging.


Uber operates in Dubrovnik and can be a cost-effective and convenient option for transportation from the airport to the city center.

  • Cost: Fares may vary depending on demand and time of day, but generally align with taxi pricing.
  • Where to Find More Information: Check the Uber app upon arrival for the most current pricing and availability.

Public Bus

For those on a tight budget, local public buses operated by Libertas can be used to reach the city. However, this might require a transfer and is less direct than the shuttle bus.

  • Cost: The fare is significantly lower than other options, but the convenience and travel time may not suit everyone, especially those with lots of luggage.
  • Where to Find More Information: Check the Libertas website for up to date routes, and timetables

Choosing the best mode of transportation from Dubrovnik Airport to the city center depends on your priorities: cost, convenience, or speed. Each option has its advantages, from the affordability of the shuttle bus to the comfort of a private transfer.

How to Travel Between Cities in the Region

Three passengers on a train reading books and tablets

Traveling between cities in Croatia and beyond offers a chance to explore the diverse landscapes, historic towns, and beautiful coastlines of Croatia and its neighbors. Here are some of the best ways to venture beyond Dubrovnik and discover more of what the country has to offer:


Buses in Croatia provide a reliable and extensive network connecting Dubrovnik to various cities and towns across the country and even to neighboring countries. It’s a cost-effective and popular option for travelers.

  • Cost: Prices vary depending on the destination. For example, a bus ticket from Dubrovnik to Split might cost around 130-200 HRK ($18-$27 USD).
  • Where to Find More Information: Websites like Bookaway and the Dubrovnik Bus Terminal website provide schedules, ticket booking options, and more information.

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Given Croatia’s extensive coastline and many islands, ferries are an excellent way to travel, especially if you’re heading to places like Hvar, Korčula, or the Elaphiti Islands. Jadrolinija is the main ferry operator, offering routes from Dubrovnik to various destinations.

  • Cost: Fares depend on the route and type of service (fast ferry vs. regular ferry). A trip from Dubrovnik to Korčula, for instance, may cost about 100-150 HRK ($14-$20 USD) for a one-way ticket.
  • Where to Find More Information: Check Jadrolinija’s website for schedules, routes, and booking options.

Car Rental

Renting a car provides flexibility and the freedom to explore at your own pace, making it ideal for visiting national parks, secluded beaches, and small towns. Roads in Croatia are well-maintained, and scenic drives along the coast offer breathtaking views.

  • Cost: Rental prices vary widely depending on the season, type of vehicle, and rental duration. Expect daily rates to start from around 200 HRK ($27 USD) for a small car.
  • Where to Find More Information: Major rental companies like Hertz, Avis, and local firms have offices in Dubrovnik. Booking in advance online can often secure better deals.

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Private Tours

For a more personalized experience, consider booking a private tour to take you beyond Dubrovniks walls. These can be tailored to your interests, whether wine tasting, history, or exploring hidden gems, and can cover multiple destinations in a single day.

  • Cost: Prices vary significantly based on the itinerary and length of the tour but expect to pay a premium for the convenience and personalized service.
  • Where to Find More Information: Tour operators and travel agencies in Dubrovnik offer a wide range of options. Websites like Viator and TripAdvisor are good places to start looking for highly rated tours.

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Traveling between cities in the Dubrovnik region offers a multitude of options to suit various preferences, budgets, and itineraries. Whether you’re looking for the independence of a car rental, the scenic journey of a ferry, or the convenience of a bus, Croatia’s well-developed transportation network makes it easy to explore the country’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

Is There Uber Eats in Dubrovnik?

Cartoon image of a man and his phone showing food delivery options

Uber Eats iw not available in Dubrovnik. The city, known for its rich culinary scene, offers various other options for food delivery services that cater to the tastes and preferences of both locals and tourists. While the global platform of Uber Eats hasn’t expanded into Dubrovnik, local alternatives provide a wide range of dining options, from traditional Croatian dishes to international cuisine.

Local Food Delivery Services

In the absence of Uber Eats, several local food delivery services operate in Dubrovnik, offering convenient access to a variety of restaurants and cafes. These services allow you to explore Dubrovnik’s gastronomy from the comfort of your accommodation.

  • – One of Croatia’s leading food delivery services, offers a platform for ordering from a wide array of restaurants in Dubrovnik. Their website and app provide an easy-to-use interface for browsing menus, placing orders, and paying online. Visit
  • Wolt and Glovo – While primarily known in other cities, these apps may offer limited services in Dubrovnik or expand in the future. They are known for delivering not just food but also groceries and other essentials.

Download Wolt App | Download Glovo App

Traditional Restaurant Delivery

Many restaurants in Dubrovnik have adapted to offer delivery services directly, especially during the tourist season. These establishments often advertise delivery options on their websites or through social media channels.

Tips for Ordering Food Delivery in Dubrovnik

  • Check Reviews: Look up restaurants on review platforms like TripAdvisor to find the best-rated eateries that offer delivery services.
  • Ask Locals: Hotel staff or Airbnb hosts can often recommend great local spots that deliver to your location.
  • Explore Local Apps: Besides international apps, local Croatian apps can offer a more extensive range of eateries catering to local tastes.

While the convenience of Uber Eats is not available in Dubrovnik, the city compensates with a variety of other services that ensure food delivery is accessible, offering a taste of local and international cuisines directly to your doorstep.

Final Thoughts on Uber in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, a gem on the Adriatic coast, offers a blend of historic charm and modern convenience, making it a top destination for travelers from around the globe. While the presence of Uber in Dubrovnik enhances the travel experience by providing a reliable, familiar mode of transportation, the city’s comprehensive range of travel options ensures that visitors can easily navigate, regardless of their preferences.

Uber’s availability offers a straightforward solution for those seeking comfort and ease when moving around the city, from the airport to the ancient city walls. However, the absence of services like Uber Eats highlights the importance of exploring local alternatives, which, in many ways, can enrich the travel experience by offering a taste of local life and cuisine.

Dubrovnik’s appeal is not just in its stunning landscapes and architectural wonders but also in how easily one can immerse in its culture and daily life, thanks in part to the accessible transportation options. From the winding streets of the Old Town to the serene islands off its coast, getting around Dubrovnik can be as much a part of the adventure as the destinations themselves.

Travelers to Dubrovnik are encouraged to embrace the variety of transportation methods available, from the convenience of Uber to the scenic cable car rides, the extensive bus network, and the charming boat trips. Each offers a unique perspective on this historic city and its breathtaking surroundings.

As Dubrovnik continues to balance its rich history with modern demands, the transportation options available to visitors will undoubtedly evolve. Yet, the city’s commitment to preserving its heritage while accommodating visitors worldwide remains steadfast, ensuring that Dubrovnik will continue to be a welcoming and accessible destination for years to come.

Whether you’re exploring the ancient city walls, enjoying the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, or discovering the culinary delights of the region, Dubrovnik offers a travel experience that is both enriching and seamless, with Uber and other transport services ensuring that every journey is as comfortable as it is memorable.

Hopefully, we helped you navigate the transport options in Dubrovnik. If you have a question or comment please leave it below.


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