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No, Uber is not available in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital. This article will guide you through alternative transportation options in the city, including local ride-sharing apps, taxi services, and other modes of travel, ensuring a smooth journey in Kigali.

When planning a trip to Kigali, a common question among travelers is, “Is there Uber in Kigali?” While Uber does not operate in the city, Kigali does have a range of other efficient and reliable transportation options that cater to the needs of visitors. This guide will delve into the various alternatives to Uber in Kigali, providing you with comprehensive insights into navigating the city’s transportation landscape. From local ride-sharing services to traditional taxis, public transport, and unique local modes of travel, you’ll find all the information needed to move around Kigali with ease.

Is There Uber in Kigali?

Uber has shown interest in entering the Rwandan market, but it has not yet established operations there. The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) reported that Uber approached them intending to start operations in the country. However, to operate in Rwanda, companies like Uber must meet certain regulatory requirements set by RURA, including having their app tested by a regulator to ensure it functions correctly and fairly charges customers. These requirements are part of Rwanda’s well-regulated transport sector. Despite Uber’s interest, it appears they have not yet fulfilled these requirements to obtain a license to operate in Rwanda.

Are There Other Ride-Sharing and Taxi Apps in Kigali?

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While Uber is not present in Kigali, the city is served by several other ride-sharing and taxi service apps that are both efficient and popular among locals and visitors. Here are some notable ones:


Yego offers an innovative approach to both traditional taxis and motorcycle taxis, where fares are metered, ensuring fair pricing and safety. The app provides services that can be easily booked via the app, similar to how one would book an Uber. These services are known for their reliability and safety.

Yego also serves as a handy tool for fare estimation, ensuring riders are charged fairly, even when hailing cabs or motorbikes off the street.

Download Yego

Key Features of Yego

  • App Accessibility: Available on Google Play and the App Store, Yego Moto can be downloaded and browsed without a Rwandan number.
  • Registration: A Rwandan number is essential for booking, as drivers usually call to confirm locations. Non-Rwandan numbers can lead to canceled rides.
  • Getting a Rwandan SIM: For international visitors, obtaining a local SIM is straightforward. Head to an MTN Center with your passport; a SIM costs around 1500 RWF (less than $2 USD). While there, consider registering for Momo Pay, a mobile, cashless payment system.
  • Booking Process: The app allows you to select your ride type, confirm locations, view fare estimates, and choose your payment method (credit card, Yego Wallet linked to Momo Pay, or cash).
  • Driver Interaction: Drivers often call for location confirmation and might rely on landmarks rather than the app’s map for navigation.
  • Payment and Tipping: Post-ride, a pin number provided by the app ensures accurate fare charges. Tips, up to 1000 RWF (about $1), are welcomed but must be given in cash or via Momo Pay, as there’s no tipping function in the app.
  • Customer Support: 9191 is an assistance hotline that can be called (toll-free) to help with language barriers or issues with directions


Move, another popular transportation app in Rwanda is known for its potential cost-effectiveness compared to Yego Moto. However, it also requires a Rwandan number for signup and use. While some users have reported connection issues, the app is generally regarded as a reliable alternative for navigating Kigali.

Practical Tips

  • Obtain a Rwandan SIM card for hassle-free app use and communication with drivers.
  • Familiarize yourself with local landmarks as they are crucial for navigation.
  • Always confirm the fare upfront and remember that tipping is a personal choice, not integrated into these apps.

Issues With Taxi Apps

  • While the app should direct drivers directly to you when you hail a ride, drivers often need to call to confirm the location which can create a challenge for visitors who do not know the city or the language.
  • Even though fares are estimated upfront and drivers are required to use a meter, many drivers will still try to re-negotiate fares with riders.
  • There can sometimes be issues and delays in finding drivers at peak times.
  • Drivers may cancel rides, creating longer wait times

Taxis in Kigali

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Taxis are a staple in the transportation landscape of Kigali. They are readily available and can be a convenient option for getting around the city.

Are Taxis Cheap in Kigali?

Taxis are expensive compared to other modes of transportation in Kigali, but in comparison to many Western cities, taxis in Kigali are relatively affordable. However, prices can vary depending on the time of day, traffic conditions, and the specific route taken.

How Much Do Taxis Cost in Kigali?

Taxis in Kigali typically charge a base fare, with additional costs accruing based on the distance traveled. It’s important to note that while some taxis may have meters, it’s common for fares to be negotiated upfront. Here’s an example fare:

  • Airport to City Center: The journey from Kigali International Airport to the city center is about 10 kilometers and takes about 25 minutes. The airport taxi is normally negotiated up front and the cost could range from 10,000 to 15,000 Rwandan Francs (approximately $10 to $15 USD).

Do Taxis Accept Credit Cards in Kigali?

It’s more common for transactions to be made in cash. Carrying small denominations of Rwandan Francs is advisable for convenience.

How Do I Catch a Taxi in Kigali?

Taxis can be hailed on the street, found at designated taxi stands, or booked through local hotels. It’s recommended to use reputable taxi companies or those recommended by your accommodation for safety and reliability.

Are Taxis Safe in Kigali?

Taxis in Kigali are generally safe when you use properly registered cabs. As always, it’s prudent to be aware of your surroundings and ensure that the taxi is clearly marked.

Common Taxi Scams in Kigali

In Kigali, Rwanda, as in many other cities around the world, there are certain taxi scams that travelers should be aware of to avoid being taken advantage of. Here are some common scams and tips on how to avoid them:


Taxi drivers may overcharge passengers, especially tourists. To avoid this, always ask the driver to turn on the meter. It’s also a good idea to map out your journey before entering the taxi to have an idea of how long the trip should take, and cross-reference this with a GPS app like Google Maps or Waze so you can avoid…

The Scenic Route

Drivers might take unnecessarily long routes to increase the fare. To prevent this, familiarize yourself with the area and the best routes to your destination. If possible, seek advice from locals or your hotel concierge. Always use reputable taxi companies, as they often have stricter guidelines and training for their drivers.

Broken Meter

Sometimes, drivers claim their meter isn’t working and propose a flat rate for the journey. In this case, it’s best to find another taxi.

Less Common Scams

These scams are less prevalent in Kigali, but it’s good to be aware of them all the same.

Fake Taxis

Be aware of unlicensed or fake taxis. Learn to spot legitimate local taxis and look out for a taxi license number inside or outside the vehicle, as well as a fare meter.

Counterfeit Currency

Some drivers may give counterfeit bills as change. Familiarize yourself with the local currency and always check the money you receive. It’s also a good practice to carry small bills to pay the exact fare.

Price Suddenly Per Person

Occasionally, the upfront fare or the fare shown on the meter is suddenly claimed to be per person. To avoid this, clarify with the driver before starting the journey whether the fare is for the total ride or per person.

Friendly ATM Helper Scam

Avoid any unsolicited offers to take you to or help you at ATMs as this may be an attempt to skim your card or observe your PIN.

Do I Need to Tip Taxi Drivers in Kigali?

Tipping is not customary, but it’s appreciated for good service. If you choose to tip, around 5-10% of the fare is reasonable.

Moto Taxis

Moto taxis are an integral part of Kigali’s transportation system. While they may not be the safest mode of transport, they offer a unique and efficient way to navigate the city. They are especially popular due to their ability to maneuver through traffic, making them a faster option during busy hours.

What Are Moto Taxis?

Moto taxis are motorcycle taxis that can take a single passenger. They are easily recognizable and widely used for short and quick trips around the city. Riders sit behind the driver and are usually provided with a helmet for safety.

How to Use Moto Taxis

  1. Hailing Moto Taxis: Moto taxis can be flagged down on the street. They are abundant and easy to find in most parts of the city.
  2. Negotiating Fares: It’s common to negotiate and agree on the fare before the ride. While fares are generally low, having an idea of standard rates helps in negotiation.
  3. Safety Measures: Always ensure that you’re provided with a helmet. It’s also advisable to choose drivers who appear to be cautious, responsible, and of course sober.

Cost of Moto Taxis

Flat fares for moto-taxis are generally negotiated up-front based on the distance being traveled and the time of day. The cost of a moto-taxi ride is usually quite affordable, typically a fraction of the cost of a car taxi. For example, a short ride within the city might cost between 500 to 2,000 Rwandan Francs (approximately $0.50 to $2 USD). However, longer distances will cost more, and prices can vary based on factors like time of day and traffic conditions.

Why Choose Moto Taxis?

  • Speed: Moto taxis are a quick way to get around, especially during traffic congestion.
  • Cost-Effective: They are one of the most affordable transportation options in Kigali.
  • Experience: Riding a moto taxi offers a more immersive experience of the city.

Safety Tips

  • Moto taxis are more dangerous than standard taxi cabs.
  • Always wear a helmet provided by the driver.
  • Choose drivers who have a good appearance and whose bikes are in good condition.
  • Avoid rush hours for a safer experience, as the roads can be more congested.

Other Ways to Get Around Kigali

Kigali offers diverse transportation choices, each catering to different needs.

Public Buses

Public buses in Kigali are a popular and economical way to travel around the city. They cover extensive routes and are relatively frequent however finding information about fares and routes can be a challenge as a foreigner. Asking locals how to get where you need to go by bus is usually the simplest way.

  • How to Use: Locate your route, wait at a designated bus stop, and pay onboard.
  • Cost: Very economical, with fares depending on the distance usually 200 – 1000 Rwandan francs (Rwf)
  • More Information: Finding up-to-date information on routes and schedules can be challenging. You may be able to find some information online by visiting the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) website. You can also check out Kigali Bus Services although it is not clear how up-to-date the information at these sources is. The best way to find out local routes, schedules, and fares is to ask a local, especially at the bus station!

Mini Buses / Matatuses

Local mini-buses, or matatus, are smaller than regular buses and often quicker, serving various routes throughout the city.

  • How to Use: Similar to public buses, but with more frequent stops. Mini-buses with 21 seats wait until they are full to leave.
  • Cost: Slightly higher than public buses but still budget-friendly.
  • More Information: Again while reliable information is difficult to find online, local bus stations and street vendors near bus stops often have information on minibus routes and schedules so asking around is normally the simplest way to find out how to get where you are going.

Private Car Hire

Private car hire offers comfort and flexibility, ideal for those who prefer a personalized travel experience.

  • Booking: Available through hotels, travel agencies, or direct hire companies.
  • Cost: Variable, usually charged per hour or per day. Daily rates can range between $75 and $200 US per day.
  • More Information: Compare cars and prices at Discover cars.

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Motorcycle Hire

Motorbikes are a popular mode of transport to get around the city and to visit sights outside the city.

  • Rentals: There are several motorcycle hire companies in Kigali.
  • Safety: Make sure you have a valid motorcycle license and experience riding, wear a helmet, and follow traffic rules.
  • More Information: Contact Kigali Motorbike Rental for more information and rates.


Bicycling is a great way to explore Kigali while staying active.

  • Rentals: Available at several locations in the city.
  • Safety: Always wear a helmet and follow traffic rules.
  • More Information: Contact Kigali Rides on Whatsapp – +250 780 222 225 for more information and rates


Walking is a wonderful way to experience the city’s ambiance and local life.

  • Exploring Neighborhoods: Ideal for shorter distances in pedestrian-friendly areas.
  • More Information: Local tourist information or online travel guides can offer insights into the best walking routes.

Guided Tours

Guided tours are perfect for those who prefer an organized approach to exploring Kigali.

  • Booking: Available through local tour operators or travel agencies.
  • More Information: Visit travel agency websites or the Rwanda Tourism website for tour options.

Safety and Practical Tips

  • Always prioritize safety, regardless of the mode of transportation.
  • Keep local emergency numbers handy.
  • Familiarize yourself with local traffic rules and cultural norms.

How Do I Get from Kigali International Airport to the City Center?

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Kigali International Airport is the main gateway into Rwanda and is located relatively close to the city center. There are several convenient options for making this journey:


Taxis are readily available at the airport and offer a direct and comfortable way to reach the city center. Taxis from the airport are usually charged at a flat fare, negotiated up front with the driver.

  • Cost: Taxis should charge an initial fare of around Rwf 2500 + plus Rwf 600 for each kilometer. Therefore a taxi from the airport to downtown Kigali should in theory cost approximately 10,000 Rwandan Francs ($8 USD). In reality, the price will likely be closer to Rwf 15,000 or more.
  • Duration: The journey into the city center typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic and the exact drop-off location.
  • Booking: Taxis can be found just outside the airport terminal.

Ride-Sharing Apps (Yego Moto, Move)

While Uber is not available, local ride-sharing services like Yego Moto and Move provide an alternative. Since taxis are readily available it is easier to use a waiting taxi than rely on ride-share apps, however you may wish to use the app to get an estimated fare to help you negotiate a fare price with the driver.

  • Booking: These services can be booked via their respective apps.
  • Cost: Prices may vary, usually comparable to or slightly lower than regular taxis as these fares are based on metered rides.
  • More Information: Check the Yego Moto or Move websites for current rates.

Public Buses

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, public buses run from the airport to various parts of the city. It may be necessary to change at the Remera bus station close to the airport depending on your final destination.

  • Cost: Very economical.
  • Duration: This will take longer than a taxi, especially if transfers are needed.
  • More Information: Bus schedules and routes can be difficult to find but may be available at the airport, on the airport website, or the RURA website.

Private Transfer

For a hassle-free experience, you can book a private transfer through a travel agency or your accommodation.

  • Cost: This is typically the most expensive option, but prices are fixed.
  • Duration: Similar to a taxi.
  • Booking: Pre-book through your hotel or a travel agency. One of the more reputable services in Kigali is Kigali Airport Taxi Transfers & Shuttle +250 783 752 526

Car Rental

Renting a car from the airport is an option for those comfortable with driving in Kigali.

  • Cost: Varies by rental company and type of vehicle.
  • More Information: Check with car rental agencies at the airport or book in advance online.

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Each of these options offers different benefits, from the convenience and comfort of a private taxi or transfer to the affordability and local experience of public or minibusses.

Is There Wifi at Kigali International Airport?

Kigali International Airport provides Wi-Fi services, allowing passengers to connect to the internet upon arrival. This service is particularly useful for travelers needing to organize their transportation from the airport to the city center or other destinations.

How to Travel Between Cities in Rwanda from Kigali

Traveling between cities in Rwanda from Kigali offers various options, each catering to different needs, preferences, and budgets. Here’s an overview of the main ways to traverse the region:


Inter-city buses are a popular and affordable way to travel between cities in Rwanda.

  • Major Companies: Companies like Rwanda Interlink Transport Company (RITCO), Kigali Coach, and others operate regular services.
  • Routes: Buses connect Kigali to major towns and cities, including Butare, Gisenyi, and Musanze.
  • Cost: Fares are reasonable, though they vary depending on the destination.
  • Booking: Tickets can be purchased at bus stations, and for some companies, online booking is available.
  • More Information: Again, finding reliable information online can be a challenge, ask on travel forums or searching bus company websites. Alternatively, inquire at Kigali bus stations for schedules and fares.

Private Transfer

Hiring a private car with a driver is a more comfortable and flexible option, albeit more expensive.

Domestic Flights

For longer distances or to save time, consider domestic flights.

  • Airports: Kigali International Airport offers flights to destinations like Kamembe.
  • Airlines: RwandAir is the main operator of domestic flights.
  • Cost: Higher than road transport but saves significant travel time.
  • More Information: Check RwandAir’s website or contact the airport for flight schedules and bookings.

Is There Uber Eats in Kigali?

Uber Eats is not currently available in Kigali. However, the city has other food delivery services that offer a wide range of culinary options, from local Rwandan dishes to international cuisine.

Alternative Food Delivery Services in Kigali

  • Vuba Vuba: A popular local food delivery service, Vuba Vuba offers an array of dining choices from various restaurants in Kigali. They have an easy-to-use app and website for convenient ordering.
  • Rush Food: Another well-known delivery service in Kigali, Rush Food provides access to numerous restaurants. You can order through their app or website for delivery to your doorstep.

These services have filled the gap left by Uber Eats, ensuring that residents and visitors in Kigali can enjoy the convenience of food delivery right to their location.

Final Thoughts on Uber in Kigali

Kigali’s transportation scene is diverse and evolving. The city’s commitment to innovation and customer service is evident in the variety of available options, ensuring that getting around, whether for daily commutes or tourist explorations, is accessible and enjoyable.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent traveler to Kigali, understanding these transportation nuances will undoubtedly ensure you have a smooth visit to Kigali.

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