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Is there Uber in Montenegro? No, Uber does not operate in Montenegro. This picturesque Balkan country, known for its stunning Adriatic coastline and historic towns, relies on other forms of transportation for locals and visitors alike. Despite the absence of Uber, there are various alternative transportation options available to explore the scenic beauty of Montenegro.

Welcome to Montenegro, a country of breathtaking natural beauty, from the serene beaches of the Adriatic coast to the rugged mountains and historic towns. Despite its small size, Montenegro offers travelers a rich tapestry of attractions. However, one question many visitors have is regarding the availability of Uber and other transportation options to navigate this picturesque country. While Uber has not made its way to Montenegro, travelers have numerous alternatives to explore its landscapes, cultural sites, and coastal towns. This guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into getting around Montenegro, ensuring your travels are as smooth and enjoyable as the country’s scenic views.

Is There Uber in Montenegro?

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As mentioned, Uber is not available in Montenegro. This situation remains consistent with several other Balkan countries, such as Serbia, where Uber is either limited or entirely absent. The reasons can vary, from regulatory challenges to market size considerations. However, the lack of Uber doesn’t significantly impact the ability to travel within Montenegro, thanks to a variety of other transport options that are readily available and convenient for tourists and locals alike.

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Are There Other Ride-sharing Apps Like Lyft or Bolt in Montenegro?

So if Uber is off the table, are other ride-share apps available? Unfortunately, no. You won’t find any of the other common ride-sharing apps such as Lyft, Bolt, Didi, YandexGo or Careem in Montenegro either.

Taxis in Montenegro

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In the absence of ride-share, taxis are a prevalent mode of transportation in Montenegro, offering a convenient way to travel between cities, explore local attractions, or get around the towns. They are especially useful in areas where public transportation is less frequent or for traveling late at night.

Are Taxis Cheap in Montenegro?

Taxis in Montenegro are relatively affordable compared to Western European standards, but prices can vary depending on the city, time of day, and specific taxi company. Always ensure the taxi meter is running, or agree on a fare upfront to avoid any surprises.

How Much Do Taxis Cost in Montenegro?

Taxi fares in Montenegro start with a base fare, plus a charge per kilometer. For example, starting tariffs can be around €1-€2, with a per kilometer rate of €0.50-€1. It’s common for taxi drivers to negotiate fares for longer distances, so it’s advisable to discuss and agree on the fare before starting your journey.

Do Taxis Accept Credit Cards in Montenegro?

While cash is the most common payment method for taxis in Montenegro, an increasing number of taxi services are beginning to accept credit cards. It’s best to confirm the preferred payment method with the driver before starting your trip.

How Do I Catch a Taxi in Montenegro?

Taxis can be

  • Hailed directly from the street in most cities (not recommended when avoidable)
  • Found at designated taxi stands (found in many tourist areas and at airports)
  • Booked in advance through a phone call, a message through Whatsapp or Viber (recommended)
  • Booked using a taxi app

Booking in advance (using WhatsApp or Viber if you don’t speak Montenegrin) through a reputable company is a reliable way to get a taxi and avoid inflated fares.

Popular Taxi Companies in Montenegro
Taxi Apps in Montenegro

Several taxi companies have their own apps and taxi booking platforms. These can offer a more convenient way to book a ride and sometimes provide fare estimates in advance. Some passengers have reported app bookings as less reliable than calling or messaging.

Are Taxis Safe in Montenegro?

Taxis in Montenegro are generally safe, but it’s always recommended to use official taxis or those from reputable companies. Look for taxis with company markings and ensure they have a working meter unless you’ve agreed on a fixed fare in advance.

Common Taxi Scams in Montenegro

As with many tourist destinations, be aware of common scams such as overcharging or taking longer routes. Using a taxi app where fares are estimated in advance can help mitigate this risk.

  • Broken Meter: The driver claims the meter is broken after you start the journey, and then charges an inflated fare at the destination.
  • Scenic-Route: Taking a longer route than necessary to increase the fare.
  • Switching Notes: The driver quickly switches a high-value note for a smaller one when you pay, claiming you underpaid.
  • Fixed Fares: Insisting on a fixed fare that is significantly higher than what the metered fare would normally be.
  • Refusing to Use Meter: The driver refuses to use the meter at all, attempting to negotiate a higher fare upfront.
  • Surcharges: Adding unexpected surcharges for luggage, night-time, or even for each passenger.
  • Fake Credentials: Operating without a proper license or fake identification, often targeting tourists at airports or busy tourist spots.
  • Rigged Meters: Using a meter that runs too fast, inflating the fare.
  • Forced Tips or Donations: Demanding a tip or a donation to a cause on top of the fare.
  • ‘Official’ Taxi Stands: Some unofficial taxi drivers may set up near official stands, claiming to offer a fixed-rate service that’s much higher than standard taxis.
  • Claiming No Change: The driver insists they cannot change large notes to subtly pressure you into paying more.
Tips to Avoid Taxi Scams
  • Use Reputable Taxi Companies: Try to use taxis from reputable companies or those recommended by your accommodation.
  • Confirm Payment Method: Confirm the fare, payment method, and currency before starting your journey.
  • Know the General Route: Use a map app to have a general idea of the route to your destination.
  • Keep Small Change: Carry small notes to avoid issues with change.
  • Demand Meter Use: Insist the meter is used if the taxi has one. If not, agree on a fare before starting the trip.
  • Avoid Unofficial Taxis: Especially at airports and tourist hotspots, look for the official taxi queue or booking office.
  • Learn a Few Phrases: Knowing how to say basic phrases in the local language can deter scammers.

Do I Need to Tip Taxi Drivers in Montenegro?

Tipping is not mandatory but is appreciated for good service. Rounding up to the nearest euro or adding 5-10% of the fare is a common practice.

Other Ways to Get Around Montenegro

Bus and bus driver at a bus stop

Short Distance Travel in Montenegro

Traveling short distances in Montenegro is both scenic and convenient, given the country’s compact size and good infrastructure, especially within regions like Podgorica, Kotor, and Budva.


Buses are a common choice for short trips within cities and are quite economical. The local bus networks are extensive, particularly in Podgorica, where the flat fare makes it easy for residents and tourists alike to use the service without confusion over prices. For more personalized travel, taxis are readily available, and while they are more expensive than buses, they remain affordable compared to Western European standards.

More Information: Check Routes and Schedules

Long-Distance Travel in Montenegro

For longer distances, Montenegro’s transport infrastructure efficiently supports travel between major towns and tourist attractions. The country’s size makes road trips particularly enjoyable and feasible, with major destinations like the Bay of Kotor, Durmitor National Park, and the Albanian border all accessible within a few hours’ drive.

Long Distance Bus

The primary mode for long-distance travel is by bus. The bus network in Montenegro is extensive, connecting not only the major cities but also smaller towns and even remote villages. Buses are cost-effective, with fares depending on the distance and the company operating the route. For instance, a bus ride from Podgorica to Budva might cost around 6 to 8 euros.

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Car Rental

Renting a car provides greater flexibility and is a popular option among tourists. The cost of rental varies but generally starts at about 30 euros per day for a basic vehicle. This allows visitors to explore at their own pace and access areas less frequented by public transport.

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How to Travel from the Airports in Montenegro

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Montenegro’s two main airports, Podgorica Airport and Tivat Airport, serve as the primary gateways to the country. Here’s how you can travel from these airports to nearby cities and tourist destinations:

Podgorica Airport to City Center

The airport is approximately 10 km away from the city center of Podgorica.

  • Private Transfer: The most convienient way to travel from the airport to the city is by pre-arranging a private transfer
  • Taxis: are readily available and offer a quick and convenient ride to the center on a fixed fare basis, a ride into tow shgould cost about €10 – €15 euros.
  • Train: Catching the train is the cheapest way to travel to the city but not the most comfortable, especially if you have a lot of luggage. The Aerodrom Train station is a 20 minute walk from the airport. Trains run between 6 am and 9 pm, tickets are less than €2 and up to date timetables can be found online.
  • Car Rental: There are a number of car rental agencies at the Podgorica Airport, rentals start from around €20 per day, see DiscoverCars to compare and book car rentals.

Tivat Airport to Kotor or Budva

Tivat is very close to the coastal towns of Kotor and Budva.

  • Private Transfer: Private transfers are also available at the Tivat Airport providing the most convienineet transport option with the least amount of stress.
  • Taxi: A taxi ride to Kotor costs about 10-20 euros and takes around 20 minutes, while a trip to Budva costs about 20-30 euros and takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • Bus: If you are on a budget, it is possible to catch a bus but the bus station is 1.5 kilometers from the airport. 20-30 minutes walk. During summer traffic can get quite bad around Tivat and create long delays for the bus.
  • Car Rental: There are a number of car rental agencies at the Tivat Airport, rentals start from around €20 per day, see DiscoverCars to compare and book car rentals.

Is There Uber Eats in Montenegro

Cartoon image of a man and his phone showing food delivery options

Uber Eats is not available in Montenegro. However, the country offers other food delivery services that provide a good variety of dining options to both locals and tourists.

Glovo Food Delivery in Montenegro

One popular service is Glovo, which operates similarly to Uber Eats and partners with a wide range of restaurants across major cities. Glovo also delivers groceries and other essentials, adding an extra layer of convenience.

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Final Thoughts on Uber and Transportation in Montenegro

While Uber itself does not operate in Montenegro, the country does not lack efficient and affordable transportation options. From extensive bus services that cover both short and long distances to taxis getting around Montenegro is generally convenient and cost-effective. For food delivery, while the absence of Uber Eats might be noted, local services like Glovo ensure that food and other essentials are just a smartphone tap away. Montenegro offers a blend of traditional charm with modern conveniences, making it an attractive destination for travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation.

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