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Paris is the most visited city in the world, attracting tens of millions of visitors each year. But navigating this sprawling city can be challenging, especially if you don’t speak French.

If you are planning a trip to Paris soon, you may be wondering is there Uber in Paris, and what other transport options exist.

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Uber in Paris

Let’s dive in to find out if there is Uber in Paris and what other ride-sharing apps are available.

Is There Uber in Paris?


There is Uber in Paris, and it is one of the most popular and convenient ways to get around the city. You can use the Uber app to request a ride from your smartphone and pay with your credit card or cash.

You can choose from different types of vehicles, such as UberX, Uber Green, Uber Van, or Uber Black, depending on your budget and preferences. You can also see the estimated fare and arrival time before you book your ride.

Are There Other Ridesharing Apps in Paris?

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Yes! there are a number of ridesharing apps operating in Paris. In addition to Uber, apps like Bolt, FreeNow (formerly Kapten), and Heetch all operate in Paris. These apps are similar to Uber, but they may have different prices, services, or availability. You can compare them on your phone and choose the one that suits you best.

There are also two upscale chauffeur options as well. Marcel, a French-based company, offers private transfers that you can schedule in advance. The earlier you schedule, the better the price. LeCab is another French-based company that prides itself on upscale service. With the standard fare, you get access to a telephone charger, an iPad, and a bottle of water during your ride.

Is there Uber Eats in Paris?

Yes, Uber Eats, as well as other food delivery apps like Deliveroo and Doordash, are available in Paris. You can use delivery apps to order food from a variety of restaurants and cuisines and have it delivered to your door. You can pay with your credit card or cash and track your order in real time. Uber Eats usually charges a delivery fee of 2.50 euros plus a service fee of 10% of the order value.

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Taxis in Paris

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While we recommend taking an Uber in Paris or another one of the ride-sharing apps, sometimes it just isn’t possible.

If you need to book a taxi in Paris, there is one number to call 01 45 30 30 30 that services all taxis in Paris and is available 24/7. You can also use one of the many taxi apps available in Paris to book a taxi in advance. Taxi stands are also available throughout Paris.

The most popular taxi app in Paris is G7 Taxi. You can use their app or website to book a taxi online or on your phone. The apps allow you to see the availability, the price, and the location of your taxi, similar to ride-sharing apps.

Are Taxis Cheap?

Taxis are not very cheap in Paris, especially compared to ridesharing apps. The average taxi fare in Paris is about 15 euros for a 10-kilometer ride. There are also extra charges for luggage, nighttime, or traffic. Taxis are regulated by the city, and they have a taximeter that shows the price. You can find taxis at designated stands or hail them on the street. If you call a taxi, the meter starts from where the driver receives the call, not from where you are picked up.

How Much Do Taxis Cost?

The taxi fare in Paris depends on several factors, such as the distance, the time of day, the number of passengers, and the traffic. The base fare is €2.60, and then there is a price per kilometer and per minute. The price per kilometer ranges from €1.05 to €1.56 depending on the zone and the time of day. The price per minute ranges from €0.31 to €0.63 depending on the traffic and the waiting time. There is also an extra charge of €3 for the fourth passenger and €1 for each suitcase after the first one.

Do Taxis Accept Credit Cards?

Most taxis in Paris accept credit cards, but not all of them. Some drivers may prefer cash or claim that their card reader is not working. It is always a good idea to ask before you get in if they accept cards and what kind of cards they take. You may also need to show your ID or enter your PIN code when paying with a card.

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Are Taxis Safe?

Taxis are generally safe in Paris as long as you use licensed and reputable taxis. You can recognize official taxis by their sign on the roof that says “Taxi Parisien” and their meter inside that shows the fare. You should also check the driver’s badge and license number that should be displayed inside the car. If you have any problem or complaint with a taxi driver, you can file it online in English or French using this form.

How to Avoid Taxi Scams

Some taxi scams that you may encounter in Paris are:

  • Fake taxis: These are unlicensed drivers who pretend to be taxis and approach you at airports or tourist spots. They may charge you inflated prices or take you to unwanted destinations. To avoid them, only use official taxis from designated stands or by calling or booking them online.
  • Overcharging: Some taxi drivers may try to overcharge you by taking longer routes, adding extra fees, or tampering with the meter. To avoid them, always ask for a receipt, check the meter and the fare, and use a taxi app or a map to estimate the distance and the price.
  • Credit card fraud: Some taxi drivers may try to steal your credit card information by swapping your card, using a fake reader, or charging you more than the agreed amount. To avoid them, always keep an eye on your card, use a secure reader, and check your bank statements.

Airport Transfers in Paris

There are two main airports in Paris: Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Orly (ORY). To get from the airport to the city center, you have several options:

  • Private Transfer: There are a range of private transfer options if you are looking for the most hassle-free Pars airport transfer.
  • Train: You can take the RER B train from both airports to central Paris. It takes about 30 minutes from CDG and 40 minutes from ORY. The fare is 11.40 euros from CDG and 12.10 euros from ORY.
  • Bus: You can take the RoissyBus from CDG or the OrlyBus from ORY to Opera station. It takes about an hour from both airports. The fare is 13.70 euros from CDG and 9.50 euros from ORY.
  • Shuttle: You can take a shuttle bus from both airports to various destinations in Paris. It takes about an hour from both airports. The fare varies depending on the company and the destination, but it is usually around 20 euros.
  • Taxi: You can take a taxi from both airports to anywhere in Paris. To the city center, it takes about 40 minutes from CDG and 30 minutes from ORY. The fare is fixed at 55 euros from CDG to the right bank of Paris and 50 euros to the left bank. The fare is fixed at 35 euros from ORY to the right bank of Paris and 30 euros to the left bank.
  • Uber: Uber and other rideshares have pick-up points for both airports, but they are not as easy as taxis, public transport, or private transfers.

How to Travel Between Cities

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The best way to travel between French cities is by train, as it is fast, comfortable, and often cheaper than driving or flying. France has a high-speed train network called TGV that connects major cities like Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, and more. You can book your train tickets online or at the station, and you can find some really cheap fares if you book in advance. You can also use regional trains or buses to reach smaller towns or rural areas.

Hopefully, we helped you navigate the transport options in Paris. If you have a question or comment, please leave it below.


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