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Is There Uber in Šibenik? Yes, Uber is available in Šibenik, Croatia. Uber’s presence in Šibenik offers a modern alternative to traditional taxis and other transport services, aligning with Croatia’s growing reputation as a tech-friendly destination for tourists. The availability of such ride-sharing services enhances the overall accessibility of Šibenik, making it easier for travelers to explore its historic sites, beautiful coastline, and cultural landmarks.

Šibenik, a historic city on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, is renowned for its medieval heart, stunning architecture, and as a gateway to the beautiful Kornati Islands. For visitors coming to Šibenik, understanding the local transportation options is key to experiencing all that the city and its surroundings have to offer. Whether you’re here to wander through the winding streets of the Old Town, visit the UNESCO-listed Cathedral of St. James, or embark on a boat trip to the nearby islands, knowing how to get around efficiently can enhance your visit. This guide aims to provide you with comprehensive information on using Uber in Šibenik, alongside other transportation methods available in the city.

Is There Uber In Šibenik?

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Uber is indeed operational in Šibenik, offering a reliable and convenient option for travelers looking to navigate the city. Introduced as part of Uber’s expansion in Croatia, the service has become popular among locals and tourists for its ease of use, transparent pricing, and the ability to get around without the need for cash transactions. The availability of Uber in Šibenik means that you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of ride-sharing services, whether you’re heading to a local beach, a restaurant, or exploring the surrounding areas.

Uber in Šibenik not only provides standard rides but also offers various service levels that cater to different needs and group sizes. This flexibility makes Uber a favored choice for many visitors, providing a seamless travel experience in and around the city.

Are Ubers Cheap in Šibenik?

Comparatively, Uber can be a cost-effective way to travel in Šibenik, especially compared to traditional taxis. The pricing for Uber rides is competitive, and the advantage of knowing your fare upfront through the app adds a layer of budgetary control for travelers. This transparency and the ability to share rides can make Uber a more economical option for getting around.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Šibenik?

Uber fares in Šibenik are calculated based on a standard formula, which includes a base fare plus charges per minute and per kilometer. While specific costs can vary depending on factors like the time of day and demand, the app provides an estimated fare before you confirm your ride. For example, a ride from the city center to the Šibenik Bus Station might cost around €6.50, though prices can fluctuate.

How Do You Pay for Uber in Šibenik?

Payment for Uber rides in Šibenik is handled entirely through the Uber app, offering a cashless experience. Riders can link a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to their Uber account for automatic payment at the end of each trip.

Common Uber Issues in Šibenik?

While Uber is generally reliable in Šibenik, riders may occasionally face issues such as longer wait times during peak tourist seasons or in less centrally located areas. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and allow extra time for your Uber to arrive, especially if you’re traveling to or from remote locations or during busy periods.

Do I Need to Tip Uber Drivers in Šibenik?

Tipping is not mandatory for Uber rides in Croatia, including Šibenik. However, if you receive exceptional service, you are welcome to offer a tip as a gesture of appreciation. Tipping can be done through the app after completing your ride.

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Are There Other Ride-sharing Apps in Šibenik?

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In addition to Uber, Šibenik and the broader Croatian market have seen the introduction of other ride-sharing and taxi apps aimed at providing residents and tourists with a variety of transportation options. However, Uber remains the most widely recognized and used international ride-sharing service in the city. Local alternatives and taxi app services do exist, though they may not offer the same level of convenience or availability as Uber.

One notable local ride-sharing service that operates in Croatia is Bolt (formerly known as Taxify). Bolt offers competitive rates and a user-friendly app experience similar to Uber, making it a viable alternative for getting around Šibenik and other Croatian cities. Bolt’s pricing structure is comparable to Uber’s, providing another budget-friendly option for travelers.

It’s advisable to compare the services, availability, and prices of both Uber and Bolt, especially during peak travel times or in less central areas of Šibenik, to ensure you choose the best option for your needs.

Taxis in Šibenik

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Traditional taxis are also a common sight in Šibenik, providing another option for travelers. While generally more expensive than ride-sharing services, taxis offer the convenience of immediate bookings without the need for an app and are readily available throughout the city.

Are Taxis Cheap in Šibenik?

Taxis in Šibenik can be more expensive than ride-sharing options like Uber or Bolt, especially for longer distances. The cost of taking a taxi depends on several factors, including the time of day, distance, and specific taxi company rates.

How Much Do Taxis Cost in Šibenik?

Taxi fares in Šibenik typically include a base fare plus a per-kilometer charge. For example, starting fares can be around €3, with additional costs per kilometer of around €1 or €2. It’s always a good idea to ask the driver about the estimated fare before starting your journey or insist on using the meter to avoid surprises. A short 5km trip within town might cost around €10, depending on traffic and the time of day.

Do Taxis Accept Credit Cards in Šibenik?

While some do, not all taxis in Šibenik may accept credit cards, so it’s recommended to confirm the accepted payment methods with the driver before beginning your trip. Carrying some cash is advisable if electronic payment options are unavailable.

How Do I Catch a Taxi in Šibenik?

You can hail a taxi directly from the street in Šibenik, especially in busy areas like the city center, near tourist attractions, or at the bus and train stations. Alternatively, you can book a taxi through a local taxi company by phone.

Reliable Taxi Companies in Šibenik

Are Taxis Safe in Šibenik?

Taxis in Šibenik are generally safe and reliable. However, as with any destination, it’s wise to use reputable taxi companies and be aware of your surroundings, especially late at night.

Common Taxi Scams in Šibenik

  • The Long Route Scam: Drivers may take a longer path to increase the fare. Always have a map app handy to suggest or confirm the shortest route.
  • The Broken Meter Scam: Some might claim the meter is broken to negotiate a higher fare upfront. Insist on using the meter, as it’s required by law.
  • The Late Night Surcharge Scam: Be wary of claims about additional charges for late-night or holiday travel. Any legitimate surcharges should be clearly displayed in the taxi and reflected on the meter.
  • The Luggage Fee Scam: Unusual in Croatia, extra charges for luggage should be questioned. There’s generally no extra fee for standard luggage.
  • The Currency Confusion Scam: With Croatia’s recent switch to the Euro, be cautious of drivers attempting to exploit unfamiliarity with the new currency. This could involve claiming you’ve paid less due to supposed exchange rates or confusing it with less valuable currencies. Always ensure you’re paying with Euros and familiarize yourself with their appearance to avoid confusion.
  • Ride Without a License: Avoid unmarked vehicles or individuals without a visible taxi sign and license, as these may charge exorbitant rates without any regulatory oversight.
  • Fixed Price Offers: If offered a fixed price, ensure it’s reasonable compared to what the metered fare would likely be. If in doubt, insist on using the meter.

Tips for Avoiding Scams:

  • Opt for Reputable Services: Choose well-known taxi companies or use taxi apps for a documented ride history, fare estimates, and route tracking.
  • Be Route-Aware: Knowing the general direction and distance to your destination can help prevent unnecessary detours.
  • Discuss Fares and Surcharges Upfront: Confirm any additional charges before starting your journey to avoid surprises.
  • Use the Correct Currency: Stick to paying in Euros, Croatia’s official currency since 2023, to prevent any currency-related scams.

By keeping these points in mind, you can navigate Sibenik more safely and enjoy your visit without undue concern over taxi scams.

Other Ways to Get Around Šibenik

Bus and bus driver at a bus stop

Šibenik offers various transportation options besides Uber and traditional taxis, catering to the preferences and needs of all visitors. Here’s how you can explore this beautiful city through different modes of transport.

Public Transportation

Šibenik’s public transportation system includes buses that serve as an efficient and economical way to navigate the city and the surrounding areas. The local bus service connects major points of interest, residential areas, and even nearby towns and beaches.

  • Cost: Fares are relatively inexpensive, with tickets costing from approximately €1.5 for a single journey within the city limits.
  • How to Use: Tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver or at bus stations. It’s advisable to have small change on hand when buying tickets on the bus.
  • More Information: For routes, schedules, and more detailed fare information, visit the Expat in Croatia site or look for posted schedules at bus stops.

Bicycles and Scooters

Renting a bicycle or an electric scooter can be a fun and flexible way to explore Šibenik at your own pace. Several rental shops in the city offer daily rentals, providing a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to motorized transport.

  • Cost: Rental prices vary but expect to pay approximately €15 per day for a bicycle and slightly more for an electric scooter.
  • How to Use: Bring a valid ID and possibly a deposit to rent a bike or scooter. Helmets and locks are usually included in the rental.
  • More Information: BlueGreen Bike Rental is just one of many bike rental stores in the city.


Given Šibenik’s compact and scenic nature, especially in the Old Town area, walking is one of the best ways to experience the city’s charm. Many of Šibenik’s attractions, including the Cathedral of St. James, St. Michael’s Fortress, and the city’s picturesque alleys, are easily accessible on foot.

  • Cost: Free!
  • How to Use: Comfortable walking shoes are a must, as Šibenik’s streets can be steep and cobbled.
  • More Information: Pick up a city map from the local tourist office or use a mobile map app to navigate.

How Do I Get from the Split Airport to Šibenik City Center?

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Traveling from the nearest international airport, Split Airport (SPU), to Šibenik city center is straightforward, with several transportation options available to suit different preferences and budgets.

Car Rental

A range of car rental agencies operate from the Split airport offering a flexible and economical option for travel.

  • Cost: Economy car rentals start from around €30 a day, depending on the time of year and type of vehicle. For larger, newer vehicles, rental can cost €100 per day or more.
  • How to Use: Car rental desks are available inside the Split airport, book in advance to ensure availability.

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Private Transfer

For convenience and comfort, many travelers opt for a private transfer directly from Split Airport to Šibenik.

  • Cost: Prices vary depending on the provider, but expect to pay approximately €80 – €110 for a standard car.
  • How to Use: Pre-book your transfer online through various platforms or travel agencies. Drivers typically meet you at the arrivals hall with a sign.
  • More Information: Check online for reputable transfer companies or consult with your accommodation for recommendations.

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Uber and Ride-share

Uber, as well as other ride-sharing services like Bolt, are available at Split Airport, offering a convenient way to reach Šibenik.

  • Cost: An Uber ride to Šibenik can cost around €100, though prices may vary based on demand, time of day, and specific location in Šibenik.
  • How to Use: Upon arrival, use the respective app to book your ride. Pickup locations might be designated within the airport parking area.
  • More Information: Ensure you have the app downloaded and an account set up before your arrival.


Taxis are readily available at Split Airport, providing direct service to Šibenik.

  • Cost: A taxi ride to Šibenik city center can cost approximately €120 or more.
  • How to Use: Taxi stands are located just outside the arrivals hall. It’s advisable to agree on the fare before departing or ensure the meter is running.
  • More Information: Look for official taxi services to avoid overcharging.

Public Bus

For those looking for a more economical option, there are public bus services from Split Airport to Šibenik.

  • Cost: The bus fare is around €15 one way.
  • How to Use: Buses are scheduled to coincide with flight arrivals and departures. The bus stop is located near the airport terminal.
  • More Information: Check current schedules and fares on the official websites of bus service providers like Autotransport Šibenik or Croatia Bus.

How to Travel Between Cities in the Region

Three passengers on a train reading books and tablets

Traveling between cities in the Šibenik region and beyond offers visitors a chance to explore the diverse landscapes and cultural sites Croatia has to offer. Here are the primary ways to navigate between cities in the area.


The bus network in Croatia is extensive, providing reliable and relatively inexpensive services between Šibenik and other major cities and towns.

  • Cost: Fares vary depending on the destination. For example, a bus ticket from Šibenik to Split might cost €15.
  • How to Use: Tickets can be purchased online, at bus stations, or directly from the driver. Advanced booking is recommended during peak tourist seasons.
  • More Information: Websites like Bookaway offer schedules and ticket booking options.

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While Croatia’s train network is not as extensive as its bus system, there are still several train routes that connect major cities. However, Šibenik’s train connectivity is limited, so buses or cars might be more convenient for direct city-to-city travel.

  • Cost: Train fares are competitive with bus prices, but the availability and convenience might not be as good.
  • How to Use: Train tickets can be purchased at stations or online through the Croatian Railways (HŽPP) website.
  • More Information: For routes, schedules, and booking, visit the HŽPP website.

Car Rental

Renting a car offers flexibility to explore the Šibenik region and beyond at your own pace.

  • Cost: Rental prices vary widely depending on the type of car and rental duration. Expect daily rates to start from around €30 for a small car.
  • How to Use: International and local car rental agencies are available in Šibenik and at major airports. A valid driving license and a credit card are usually required.
  • More Information: Compare rates and book online in advance for the best deals.

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Private Transfer or Tours

For those preferring a more personalized experience, private transfers or guided tours can be arranged to explore cities and attractions around Šibenik.

  • Cost: Prices depend on the service provider, destination, and type of tour or transfer. Custom tours and transfers will be more expensive but offer a tailored experience.
  • How to Use: Book through a reputable travel agency or directly with service providers.
  • More Information: Your accommodation in Šibenik may also be able to recommend trusted companies.

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These options cater to a range of travel styles and budgets, making it easy to plan trips from Šibenik to other Croatian gems, whether you’re looking for the independence of a road trip or the convenience of public transport.

Is There Uber Eats in Šibenik?

Cartoon image of a man and his phone showing food delivery options

Uber Eats, the food delivery service provided by Uber, has transformed the way people access their favorite foods in cities around the world. However, Uber Eats is shutting down in Šibenik.

Alternative Food Delivery Options in Šibenik

Despite the absence of Uber Eats, Šibenik residents and visitors can still enjoy the convenience of food delivery through local services and restaurants offering delivery options. Here’s how you can get delicious meals delivered to your door:


Description: Glovo is an on-demand courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app. It is widely used for food delivery in Šibenik.

App Links: Glovo for Android | Glovo for iOS


Wolt offers a user-friendly app to order food from local restaurants in Šibenik.

App Links: Wolt for Android | Wolt for iOS

Description: Although more prevalent in larger cities like Zagreb, may offer services in Šibenik. It’s a local Croatian food delivery service with a good selection of restaurants.


Bolt Food

Bolt Food, by the ridesharing company Bolt, is another alternative that offers food delivery services in various Croatian cities. It’s worth checking if their service covers Sibenik.

App Links: Bolt Food for Android | Bolt Food for iOS

These local options ensure that even without Uber Eats, you can still enjoy a range of dining choices delivered to your accommodation in Šibenik. It’s always a good idea to explore local websites or ask for recommendations from your hotel or host for the best delivery options in the area.

Final Thoughts on Uber in Šibenik

Uber’s presence in Šibenik offers a convenient and modern solution for navigating the city, complementing the array of transportation options available to visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re exploring the historical sites, enjoying the coastal scenery, or traveling to nearby destinations, Uber and other ride-sharing services provide a reliable way to move around.

While traditional taxis and public transportation remain vital components of Šibenik’s transport ecosystem, the adaptability and convenience of ride-sharing apps like Uber enhance the travel experience, offering ease of use, competitive pricing, and the comfort of cashless transactions.

Remember, exploring Šibenik isn’t limited to motorized transport; walking, cycling, or scootering around the city reveals its true charm and allows for unexpected discoveries along its ancient streets and beautiful waterfront.

Uber in Šibenik not only simplifies travel but also reflects the city’s blend of historical richness with modern conveniences, making it an attractive destination for tourists seeking both heritage and ease of exploration.

Whether Uber expands its services in the future, including the potential introduction of Uber Eats, will likely depend on demand and the city’s continued growth as a tourist hotspot. Until then, Šibenik’s variety of transportation options ensures that getting around the city and enjoying its culinary delights remains accessible and enjoyable for all.

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