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Is there Uber in The Bahamas? No, Uber has not made its way to these idyllic islands. But fear not, as The Bahamas offers a variety of other transportation methods to help you explore its beauty with ease.

Welcome to The Bahamas, a captivating archipelago that promises an unforgettable escape into paradise. Each island here tells its own unique story, from the bustling streets of Nassau to the serene seclusion of Exuma. While the absence of Uber might come as a surprise, the islands offer a rich tapestry of transportation alternatives that blend seamlessly with their laid-back lifestyle and scenic landscapes. Whether you’re here to dive into the vibrant culture, bask in the natural beauty, or explore the historic sites, getting around in The Bahamas is an integral part of your adventure. This guide aims to navigate you through the myriad of transport options available, ensuring your journey is as smooth as the island breeze.

Is There Uber in the Bahamas?

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Uber is not an available service in the Bahamas. This reality might initially seem like an inconvenience to travelers accustomed to the convenience of ride-sharing apps. However, the absence of Uber in this island nation is influenced by various factors, including regulatory decisions, the size of the local market, and the presence of established transportation services that have long catered to the needs of both locals and visitors alike.

For travelers, this means adapting to the transportation norms of the Bahamas, which can be an opportunity to immerse more fully in the local culture. While Uber’s absence might require a bit more planning when it comes to getting around, it doesn’t significantly hinder the ability to explore and enjoy the islands. The Bahamas offers a range of other transportation options that are reliable, accessible, and capable of taking you wherever you need to go, from bustling Nassau markets to secluded beach paradises.

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Are There Other Ride-Sharing Apps in the Bahamas?

Essentially no, none of the other familiar international ride-share services like Lyft or Bolt exist in Bahamas. However, this doesn’t mean that the concept of ride-sharing is altogether absent. A number of local solutions for ride-sharing have emerged at certain points; however, these solutions are unregulated and often contravene local transportation laws. This creates issues around driver vetting and insurance. As a result, other forms of transport are favored in the Bahamas.

Taxis in the Bahamas

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In the absence of Uber or other equivalent rideshare services, taxis are a prominent and reliable form of transportation across the islands of the Bahamas, serving as a vital link for tourists to navigate on the islands. The taxi system here is robust and well-regulated, with services readily available at airports, hotels, and popular tourist destinations. Offering convenience and the opportunity for personalized tours by knowledgeable local drivers, taxis in the Bahamas can enhance your travel experience significantly.

Are Taxis Cheap in the Bahamas?

The cost of taxi services in the Bahamas varies based on distance and is generally considered to be on the higher side compared to some other destinations. Prices are government-regulated and are typically charged based on zone fares in Nassau and per mile outside of these areas. It’s important for travelers to be aware that while taxis offer convenience and direct routes to your destination, the costs can add up, especially for longer journeys.

How Much Do Taxis Cost in the Bahamas?

Taxi fares in the Bahamas are generally priced by predetermined fares for specific zones, particularly around Nassau and Freeport. For example, a taxi ride from Lynden Pindling International Airport (Nassau) to downtown Nassau or Paradise Island typically has a fixed fare, which can be around $35 (USD) for two passengers, with an additional charge per extra passenger. Always confirm the fare with your driver before departing, as rates can vary and additional charges may apply for luggage or travel during late hours.

Do Taxis Accept Credit Cards in the Bahamas?

Acceptance of credit cards by taxis can be hit or miss in the Bahamas. While some taxis are equipped to accept credit card payments, most prefer cash due to connectivity issues or the fees associated with card transactions. It’s generaly advisable to assume cab drivers will not accept credit card and carry some Bahamian dollars or U.S. dollars (widely accepted) to cover taxi fares and to confirm the accepted methods of payment with your driver beforehand.

How Do I Catch a Taxi in the Bahamas?

Catching a taxi in the Bahamas is relatively straightforward. Taxis can be hailed directly from the street in busy areas, arranged through your hotel, or found at designated taxi stands, especially around airports and tourist attractions. For a more secure and convenient experience, booking through your accommodation or a known taxi company is recommended.

Popular Taxi Companies in the Bahamas

Are There Taxi Apps in the Bahamas?

While traditional ride-sharing apps like Uber are absent, there are local taxi apps and services designed to streamline taxi services. These offer the convenience of booking and tracking your ride through your smartphone.

First Choice Limo & Taxi Dispatch is one example of a local taxi service that offers an app with many of the convenience and safety features that Uber and other rideshares are popular for.

Are Taxis Safe in the Bahamas?

Taxis are generally safe in the Bahamas, with most vehicles being well-maintained and drivers licensed and regulated. For the best experience, use taxis from reputable companies or those recommended by your hotel. It’s also a good practice to check the vehicle’s license plate and the driver’s identification before starting your trip.

Common Taxi Scams in the Bahamas?

While taxi scams are not prevalent in the Bahamas where transport is strictly regulates, staying aware is important. Ensure the FINAL fare is agreed upon before departure to avoid overcharging.

Potential Taxi Scams in the Bahamas
  • Fixed Fare Overcharging: Some drivers may quote significantly higher fixed fares than the regulated rates, especially to tourists unfamiliar with local pricing. Know the approximate fare before you get in a taxi and be prepared to haggle and find a different taxi if necessary.
  • Extra Charges: Adding unauthorized charges for luggage, additional passengers, or even for using air conditioning (be aware it is standard to quote additional charges for additional passengers). Make sure you confirm with your driver the total fare before starting the ride to avoid an unpleasant surprise at the end.
  • Ride Sharing with Strangers: Suggesting other passengers share your taxi and then charging full fare from each party.
  • Not Providing Change: Insisting on keeping the change due to a claimed lack of smaller bills or coins.
  • Misrepresenting as a Taxi Service: Individuals in private vehicles posing as official taxis, lacking proper vetting and often charging exorbitant rates.

Being aware of these potential scams can help travelers stay vigilant and ensure a fair and safe taxi experience in the Bahamas. Always agree on a fare upfront, prefer taxis from reputable stands or those arranged by your accommodation, and don’t hesitate to ask for identification or a receipt if something seems off.

Should I Haggle With Taxi Drivers in the Bahamas

In general, taxis are relatively expensive in the Bahamas, although taxi fares are regulated, some drivers will quote inflated fares to foreigners. It is a good idea to research fares for your specific destination in advance by asking about your accommodation or asking a local. If a driver quotes you an inflated fare, it is not unresonable to offer a lesser fare. For example, at the ariport a driver my offer a ride for $40 downtown, but may accept $35.

Do I Need to Tip Taxi Drivers in the Bahamas?

While it isn’t mandatory, tipping taxi drivers in the Bahamas has become customary, reflecting good service. A tip of 15-20% of the fare is standard, depending on the level of service provided.

Other Ways to Get Around the Bahamas

Bus and bus driver at a bus stop

The Bahamas offers a variety of transportation options beyond taxis, catering to the preferences and needs of every traveler. Exploring these alternatives can add to the adventure of your island experience, allowing you to see the sights at your own pace or mingle with locals for a more authentic journey.

Car Rentals

Renting a car in the Bahamas is a popular choice for visitors looking for flexibility and convenience. Available at airports and through various agencies in major towns, car rentals offer the freedom to explore the islands at your leisure. Remember to drive on the left side of the road, and be aware that traffic in Nassau can be heavy, especially during peak hours. Rental prices vary but expect to pay around $70-$90 USD per day for a standard vehicle, with prices fluctuating based on the season and vehicle type.

Car Rentals
  • Avis Bahamas: Offers a range of vehicles for rent in Nassau and Freeport. Avis Bahamas Website
  • Budget Bahamas: Another popular option for car rentals, with locations at major airports and downtown areas. Budget Bahamas Website

Scooters and Bikes

For shorter distances or less crowded islands like Harbour Island or the Exumas, renting a scooter or bike can be a fun and efficient way to get around. This option provides the ease of parking and navigating smaller roads or pathways that are not accessible by car. Daily rental rates for scooters are approximately $40-$50 USD, while bikes can be rented for about $15-$20 USD per day.

Some Popular Scooter and Bike Rentals

Ferries and Water Taxis

The Bahamas is an archipelago, and some destinations can only be reached by water. Ferries and water taxis are essential services, connecting the main islands with smaller, more remote cays. The Bahamas Fast Ferries offers scheduled services between Nassau and several islands, providing a scenic and relaxing way to travel. Prices and schedules vary depending on the destination, so it’s best to check their website for the most current information. Water taxis, particularly in areas like Nassau and Paradise Island, offer short hops across the water, with fares typically around $4-$5 USD per person.

  • Bahamas Ferries: Offers scheduled ferry services between Nassau and various islands, ideal for day trips or island hopping. Bahamas Ferries Website

Public Buses (Jitneys)

In Nassau and Freeport, public buses, known locally as jitneys, offer an economical way to travel around the island. With fares costing just $1.50 USD, jitneys run on routes from early morning until early evening stopping at designated bus stops or to pick up passengers that hail them. While they provide a genuine local experience, it’s important to note that jitneys may not have fixed schedules and do not operate late at night.

Routes, Schedules and Further Info
  • There isn’t a centralized website for jitney services, but this Nassau Public Transport Guide offers a basic overview of routes and tips for using public buses in Nassau.


In smaller, more compact areas, especially around downtown Nassau, Paradise Island, and some of the Out Islands, walking can be a pleasant way to explore. Many attractions, restaurants, and beaches are within easy walking distance of each other, offering the opportunity to discover hidden gems along the way.

Walking Tours
  • For those interested in exploring on foot, Get Your Guide offers a range of guided walks through the historic heart of Nassau, providing insights into the culture and history of the Bahamas.

Each mode of transportation in the Bahamas offers its own set of advantages, from the freedom of a rental car to the charm of a leisurely ferry ride. Depending on your itinerary, budget, and preferences, you’ll find that getting around the islands can be a part of the adventure itself.

How Do I Get from the Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) to the City Center?

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With over 7000 islands and cays, Nassau is the major hub for the Bahamas and most transport for the outer islands connects here. As such most peoples fly into Nassau.

Navigating from the international airport to the city center is a primary concern for many travelers upon arrival in the Bahamas. The islands are served by several airports, with Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) in Nassau being the main gateway for international travelers. Here are the main transportation options available to get you from NAS to the heart of Nassau or to your waterfront resort:

Private Transfer

  • Private Airport Transfers: Offering convenience and comfort, private transfers can be booked in advance to take you directly from the airport to your accommodation. Prices vary based on the service provider and the distance to your destination, but you can expect costs to start from around $50 USD for a standard vehicle.

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  • Hotel Shuttles: Many hotels and resorts offer shuttle services for guests. These may be complimentary or available for a nominal fee. It’s advisable to check with your accommodation prior to arrival.


  • Airport Taxis: Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals terminal. The ride to downtown Nassau or Paradise Island typically costs around $30 – $35 USD for two passengers, with an additional charge for extra passengers or luggage. Ensure to use official taxi services and agree on the fare before departing.

Public Transport

  • Public Buses (Jitneys): While jitneys are a popular and affordable way to get around Nassau, their use from the airport to the city center is not recommended for tourists, especially those with luggage, as routes may not directly serve all hotels and can be confusing for first-time visitors.

Car Rental

  • Airport Car Rentals: For those preferring to drive themselves, several car rental agencies operate at the airport. This option gives you the flexibility to explore at your own pace, with daily rental rates starting at around $70-$90 USD.

Choosing the best mode of transportation from the airport to your destination in the Bahamas depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the level of convenience you seek. Pre-arranging your transfer, whether through a private service or hotel shuttle, can provide peace of mind upon arrival. For those looking for flexibility, renting a car might be the best option, while taxis offer a straightforward, if sometimes more costly, solution.

How to Travel Between Cities and Islands in the Region

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Traveling between cities and islands in the Bahamas offers a unique opportunity to experience the diverse beauty and culture of this archipelago. Whether you’re moving from the bustling streets of Nassau to the laid-back charm of the Exumas or from Freeport to the pristine beaches of Eleuthera, several transportation options can facilitate your inter-island journey.

Domestic Flights

  • Air Travel: For quick and efficient travel between islands, domestic flights are available. Airlines such as Bahamasair and Western Air offer regular services connecting Nassau with major islands like Grand Bahama, the Abacos, Eleuthera, and the Exumas. Flight times are short, usually under an hour, but prices can vary depending on the season and how far in advance you book.


  • Bahamas Ferries: Operating from Nassau, Bahamas Ferries provides scheduled boat services to several islands, including Harbour Island, Eleuthera, and the Abacos. This option allows for a scenic journey across the clear blue waters, with the chance to spot marine life along the way. Prices and travel times vary by destination, so checking the schedule and booking in advance is advisable.

Charter Boats

  • Private Boat Charters: For a more personalized travel experience, private boat charters are available for hire throughout the Bahamas. This option is ideal for exploring secluded beaches and cays at your own pace. Charter costs depend on the boat size, duration of the trip, and specific itinerary.

Mail Boats

  • Mail Boat Services: An adventurous and budget-friendly way to travel is by mail boat. These boats deliver mail, freight, and passengers to various islands. While not the fastest or most luxurious option, traveling by mail boat offers an authentic glimpse into the Bahamian way of life. Schedules can be irregular, and journeys longer, so this is best suited for flexible travelers looking to experience the islands like a local.
  • To secure a spot on a passenger mail boat in the Bahamas, follow these steps: First, confirm departure times and check availability by calling the dockmaster at +242 393-1064 or the port department at +242 326-7354. Alternatively, you can email the Port Department at [email protected], though email responses may take several days. Boats typically depart weekly from Nassau. For ticket purchases, like for a trip to Eleuthera on the M/V Bahamas Daybreak, visit the boat’s office at Potter’s Cay in Nassau in advance, and be prepared for multiple phone calls to ensure everything is set for your journey.

Traveling between cities and islands in the Bahamas requires some planning, especially during peak travel seasons. Each mode of transportation offers its own set of advantages, whether it’s the speed and convenience of air travel, the scenic beauty of ferry journeys, the exclusivity of private charters, or the local charm of mail boats.

Before embarking on inter-island travel, consider factors such as travel time, cost, and the type of experiences you wish to have. Booking in advance is recommended, especially for air travel and ferries, to secure your preferred dates and times.

Is There Uber Eats in the Bahamas?

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Uber Eats, the popular food delivery service associated with Uber, is not available in the Bahamas. However, the absence of Uber Eats doesn’t mean that food delivery options are lacking on the islands. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy a variety of services that offer the convenience of having meals delivered from a wide range of restaurants and eateries. Here’s how you can savor the flavors of the Bahamas from the comfort of your accommodation:

Bahama Eats

  • Bahamas Eats is an app that provides food delivery service from a broad selection of local restaurants. It’s an excellent way to explore Bahamian cuisine and international dishes right at your doorstep.


  • Kraven, another local app, offers delivery from restaurants across Nassau and Paradise Island. With an easy-to-use interface, customers can browse menus, order, and pay directly through the app. Kraven prides itself on delivering a wide array of culinary options, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Local Restaurants and Hotels

  • Many restaurants and hotels offer their own delivery or take-out services. Inquire directly with your accommodation or favorite eatery to see if they can arrange delivery for you. This can be a great way to support local businesses directly.

While the names might be different from what you’re used to, these services offer the convenience and variety that travelers enjoy. Exploring the local food scene through these delivery services can be a delightful and hassle-free experience, allowing you to taste the islands’ culinary delights without leaving your beachfront villa or hotel room.

Final Thoughts on Uber and Transportation in the Bahamas

While Uber and its associated services like Uber Eats are not present in the Bahamas, this beautiful archipelago is far from lacking in terms of transportation and food delivery options. The absence of these specific ride-sharing and food delivery platforms opens the door to exploring a variety of local alternatives that not only serve your needs but also introduce you to the Bahamian way of life.

From reliable taxi services, exciting local ride-hailing apps, to the charm of traveling by ferry or even experiencing the authenticity of a mail boat journey, getting around the Bahamas is an adventure in itself. Each mode of transport offers a unique perspective on the islands, whether it’s the freedom of a rental car, the scenic routes of ferries, or the local interaction of jitneys. For food delivery, services like MobileAssist, Kraven, and Island Direct provide a taste of the islands with convenience at your fingertips.