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No, Uber does not operate in Verona, Italy. However, a range of private and public transport options make navigating fair Verona simple and hassle-free.

If you’ve been planning a trip to Verona, you might be wondering how you’re going to get around, and, is there Uber in Verona? Nestled in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, Verona is a city steeped in history and romance, famously serving as the setting for Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

While you won’t find the Uber ride-sharing service here, you will find a range of simple and efficient transport options. This guide delves into the various other transportation options available in Verona.

Is There Uber in Verona?

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As previously mentioned, Uber ride-sharing services are not operational in Verona.

Italy has taken a hard stance against traditional ridesharing services like Uber. However, while in some regions like Sicily, Uber has been green-lit to connect passengers to licensed ‘Uber Black’ drivers, no such iteration of the service exists in Verona, at least not yet.

This article will instead delve into alternative transport options to get around Verona.

Are There Other Ride-Sharing Apps in Verona?

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Rideshares like Uber, designed to connect passengers with private drivers, are unavailable in Verona or elsewhere in Italy. However, in their absence, taxi apps have emerged to deliver some of the convenience of rideshare apps by connecting passengers with licensed drivers, providing price estimates, payment solutions and ride tracking.

Free Now (Formerly MyTaxi)

Free Now, previously known as MyTaxi, operates in Verona. This app allows users to book taxis and licensed private hire vehicles easily. It offers features like fare estimates, easy payment options, and the ability to track your ride.


iTaxi is another popular app in Italy, which works similarly to Free Now. It provides services in several Italian cities, including Verona. iTaxi is well-regarded for its reliability and ease of use.

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Taxis in Verona

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Taxis play a significant role in Verona’s transportation landscape, offering reliable and convenient services for both locals and tourists.

Are Taxis Cheap in Verona?

Compared to other major European cities, taxis in Verona are reasonably priced, though they are generally more expensive than public transportation. Prices are regulated by the city and are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest rates.

How Much Do Taxis Cost in Verona?

Taxi fares in Verona are calculated based on a combination of distance and time. The fares typically start with a base rate, which increases as you travel. There’s often a different tariff for night rides and public holidays. Here’s a general idea:

  • Initial Charge: Approximately €6.00
  • Charge per kilometer: Ranges from €0.90 to €1.50
  • Waiting Time: Charged at €25.00 per hour
  • Night and holiday surcharges may apply.

Example Fare: A taxi from Verona Villafranca Airport to the city center might cost around €20 to €30, depending on traffic and the time of day.

Do Taxis Accept Credit Cards in Verona?

Most taxis in Verona accept credit cards, but it’s always better to confirm with the driver before starting your journey. Some taxis might prefer cash payments.

How Do I Catch a Taxi in Verona?

You can hail a taxi on the street, find one at designated taxi stands (often found at train stations, the airport, and major public areas), or book one through a phone call.

Taxi Companies in Verona:

Are Taxis Safe in Verona?

Taxis in Verona are generally safe and reliable. The drivers are licensed and must adhere to city regulations.

Common Taxi Scams in Verona

While taxi scams are not rampant, it’s always wise to ensure the meter is running and to have an idea of the expected fare to avoid being overcharged. Additionally, here are some common taxi scams to keep an eye out for.

  • The Scenic Route: Drivers may take unnecessarily long routes to increase the fare.
  • Overcharging: Some may quote inflated prices, especially to tourists. Always check that the meter is running.
  • Unlicensed Taxis: Avoid unmarked or unofficial taxis, particularly at tourist spots or airports.
  • Extra Charges: Be wary of claims for additional fees for luggage, night rides, or more passengers. Confirm the fare is inclusive of any and all “extras”.
  • Faulty Meter: If a driver claims the meter is broken and suggests a high flat rate, find another taxi.
  • Refusal to Give Change: Drivers might not offer change to encourage higher payment. Carry some smaller bills and change to avoid this situation.
  • Insistence on Cash Payment: Some may claim card machines are broken to avoid traceable transactions.

Do I Need to Tip Taxi Drivers in Verona?

Tipping is not mandatory in Italy, but it is appreciated for good service. Rounding up to the nearest euro is a common practice.

Other Ways to Get Around Verona

Bus and bus driver at a bus stop

Verona offers a variety of transportation options beyond taxis, making it easy to explore the city’s rich history and culture.

Public Buses

  • ATV (Azienda Trasporti Verona)
    • Verona’s leading bus operator provides extensive coverage throughout the city and surrounding areas.
    • Tickets can be purchased at kiosks, some newsstands, or directly on the bus with a small surcharge.
    • Website for routes and schedules: ATV Verona

Bicycle Rentals

  • Verona Bike
    • A convenient bike-sharing service with multiple stations across the city.
    • Ideal for short trips or leisurely exploration.
    • More information: Verona Bike


  • Verona’s city center is relatively compact and pedestrian-friendly, making walking a pleasant way to explore major attractions like the Arena, Juliet’s House, and Piazza delle Erbe.

Scooter Rentals

  • Scooters can be rented for a day or longer, providing a flexible way to navigate the city and nearby attractions.
  • More Information: Riderly


  • Verona Porta Nuova Railway Station
    • A major hub with connections to other Italian cities like Venice, Milan, and Rome.
    • Trains are a fast and efficient way to travel between cities.
    • Ticket information and schedules: Trenitalia

These options cater to different preferences and needs, whether you’re looking for convenience, speed, or a scenic way to explore Verona.

How Do I Get from the Verona Airport to the City Center?

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Verona Villafranca Airport, also known as Valerio Catullo Airport, is the main gateway for travelers coming to Verona. There are several convenient options to reach the city center from the airport.

Aerobus Service

  • Aerobus is a shuttle service directly connecting the airport with Verona Porta Nuova railway station in the city center.
  • The journey takes about 15 minutes.
  • Tickets can be purchased on board or at the airport, and the service runs every 20 minutes during peak times.
  • For schedules and prices see Aerobus


  • Taxis are available at the airport. The ride to the city center takes approximately 15 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • The fare typically ranges from €20 to €30.
  • Ensure you use the official taxi service to avoid overcharging.

Car Rental

  • Numerous car rental agencies operate at the airport. This option offers flexibility, especially if you plan to explore the surrounding region.
  • It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

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Private Transfers

  • Several companies offer private transfer services which can be booked in advance.
  • This option provides a direct and hassle-free journey to your accommodation.

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Public Bus

  • Regular public bus services (line 164) connect the airport to Verona city center, although less direct than the Aerobus.

Each option offers different levels of convenience, cost, and flexibility, allowing travelers to choose based on their preferences and needs.

Does Verona Airport Have WiFi?

Yes! Verona Villafranca Airport (Valerio Catullo Airport) offers Wi-Fi service to passengers. allowing travelers to connect their devices to the internet and connect with ground transport upon arrival.

How to Travel Between Cities in the Region

Three passengers on a train reading books and tablets

Traveling from Verona to other cities in the region and across Italy is convenient thanks to a well-connected transportation network. Here are some of the main options:

By Train

  • Trenitalia
    • Italy’s primary train operator, offering frequent services to major cities like Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome.
    • High-speed trains (Frecciarossa and Italo) provide fast connections.
    • Regional trains offer more economical options for nearby destinations.
    • For schedules and booking: Trenitalia

By Bus

  • FlixBus and other operators
    • A cost-effective option for intercity travel.
    • Comfortable and often equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi and power outlets.

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By Car

  • Renting a car offers flexibility to explore smaller towns and countryside areas.
  • Major rental agencies are available in Verona and at the airport.
  • Remember that Italian cities often have ZTL zones (Limited Traffic Zones) where driving is restricted.

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  • BlaBlaCar is a popular carpooling service in Italy, allowing travelers to share rides between cities.
  • An economical and environmentally friendly way to travel.
  • Visit BlaBlaCar for more details.

These transportation modes provide a range of options based on your time, budget, and preferences, ensuring easy travel across the region and beyond.

Is There Uber Eats in Verona?

Cartoon image of a man and his phone showing food delivery options

Uber Eats is not available in Verona. However, the city offers a variety of alternative food delivery services that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Here are some popular options:

Just Eat

  • A well-known food delivery service operating in Verona, offering a wide variety of cuisines from local restaurants.
  • Easy to use through their website or mobile app.
  • Website: Just Eat Italia


  • Another popular choice for food delivery in Verona, Deliveroo partners with a range of restaurants, including both local favorites and international chains.
  • Known for its quick delivery service.
  • Website: Deliveroo


  • Offers more than just food delivery; you can order groceries, pharmaceuticals, and other items as well.
  • A good option for a variety of needs.
  • Website: Glovo

Local Restaurants with Delivery Services

  • Many local restaurants in Verona also offer their own delivery services. It’s worth checking out some of the local eateries for more authentic Italian cuisine options.

These services are typically available through their respective websites and mobile apps, making ordering food right to your doorstep easy.

Final Thoughts on Uber and Transportation in Verona

Verona, with its rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, offers a well-rounded transportation system despite the absence of Uber. The city’s options cater to a variety of needs, ensuring that getting around is convenient, whether you’re visiting historic sites or exploring the surrounding Veneto region.

For intra-city travel, the public buses and the bike-sharing program provide efficient and eco-friendly ways to navigate the city. Taxis, though slightly more expensive, offer a reliable and safe mode of transport, especially for direct routes or when traveling with luggage. The alternative ride-sharing apps like Free Now and iTaxi fill the gap left by Uber, offering similar services with the ease of an app.

For intercity travel, Verona’s strategic location makes it a hub for exploring northern Italy. The train services, particularly Trenitalia, offer fast and comfortable connections to major cities, while bus services like FlixBus present a more economical alternative. Renting a car or using carpooling services like BlaBlaCar can enhance the experience of discovering the less-trodden paths and picturesque countryside.

Food delivery services, although lacking Uber Eats, are robust with platforms like Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Glovo, ensuring that you can enjoy a variety of cuisines conveniently.

In conclusion, Verona’s transportation landscape, rich in options and well-structured, complements its historical and cultural offerings. Whether you’re there to trace the steps of Romeo and Juliet, to admire Roman architecture, or to indulge in the culinary delights, moving around the city and beyond is made accessible and enjoyable through its array of transportation services.

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