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Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, is a unique city worth visiting. A tapestry of ancient history and modern spirit, this city boasts a kaleidoscope of architectural wonders, from Ottoman mosques to neoclassical buildings. Stroll along the Vardar River, explore bustling bazaars, and marvel at the iconic Stone Bridge and the numerous sculptures throughout the city, including the impressive Alexander the Great statue.

But before you set off to explore all this city has to offer, you may wonder how you will get around this vibrant city. Is there Uber in Skopje? If not, are there other taxi apps in Skopje that are convenient and easy to use?

This complete transportation guide will unpack all the best ways to get around Skopje, so let’s dive right in.

Uber in Skopje (and Other Ride-sharing Apps)

Is There Uber in Skopje?

No, there is no Uber in Skopje.

Are There Any Other Ride-Sharing Apps or Taxi Apps in Skopje?

Yes! Cammeo is a Croatian-based taxi service that runs an app. To use the app, you need a working phone number. The Cammeo app connects you with registered taxis. It works similarly to the Uber app, allowing you to select a pick-up and drop-off location. You can pay using a credit card within the app or by cash.

Download Cammeo on Apple.

Download Cammeo on Google Play.

It is advisable to exercise caution when using the Cammeo app as many people have reported being charged double, paying through the app with a credit card, and the taxi driver demanding payment in cash at the end of the ride.

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Taxis in Skopje

There are a lot of taxis in Skopje, some of them more reputable than others. Here are the most reputable taxis in Skopje.

Taxi Teniks Skopje 15194

As one of the oldest taxi companies in Skopje, Taxi Teniks Skopje 15194 is known for its reliable and friendly services. If you need a taxi, the best way is to call one of the numbers below.

  • 02 151 94
  • 071 209 194
  • 075 209 194
  • 078 309 194

Taxi Skopje Service CS

Another reliable service is Taxi Skopje Service CS. Taxi Skopje Service CS is a highly professional service that offers friendly drivers and competitive prices. The easiest way to book with Taxi Skopje Service CS is via Whatsapp or Viber at +389 78 923 098.

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Are Taxis in Skopje Cheap?

Taxis in Skopje are relatively cheap when compared to other countries throughout Europe.

Do Taxis in Skopje Accept Credit Cards?

No, most of the taxis in Skopje do not accept credit cards. It is also advisable to carry small bills to ensure you are not a victim to the classic “no change” scam many taxi operators run.

Are Taxis in Skopje Safe?

In general, yes. Taxis in Skopje are generally safe; however, you may be susceptible to common taxi scams.

Taxi Scams in Skopje

Taxi scams exist worldwide, and this is no exception in Skopje. Some of the most popular and common taxi scams in Skopje include overcharging, fake taxis, no change, and

  • Double charging: One of the most popular taxi scams if using the Cammeo app in Skopje is the double charge. The taxi driver will demand payment in cash upon completion of the ride despite having already paid within the app. Make sure to agree upon the payment method before heading off.
  • Overcharging: It is best to make sure the taxi has a working taxi meter before heading off. Some taxi drivers may try to charge you more than the agreed price or claim that the price was per person, not per ride. They may also pretend that you gave them a smaller banknote than you did or refuse to give you change. To avoid this, you should always agree on the price before getting in the taxi and use exact or small bills to pay.ย 
  • Fake taxis: Some taxi drivers may not be licensed or affiliated with any reputable company. They may offer you a lower price than the official taxis but also take you to a longer route or a different destination than you requested. To avoid this, use one of the reputable taxis mentioned above.
  • Airport scam: Some taxi drivers may offer you a ride to the airport for a fixed price, but then they may change their plan and drop you off at a different location, where another taxi driver will charge you again for the rest of the journey. They may also claim that there is a traffic jam or a road closure and take you to a longer or more expensive route.
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How to Get from the Skopje Airport to the City Center

You can get to the city center from the Skopje airport by private airport transfer, taxi, or by the Skopje Airport Shuttle.

Private Airport Transfer to Skopje

Private transfer is the easiest way to get from the Skopje airport to the city center. This is also, however, the most expensive. Using a private airport transfer, you can ensure you arrive at your intended destination safely without dealing with potential taxi scams.

We recommend using either Taxi Service Skopje Airport or Plus Transfers Skopje. Both providers offer reliable, comfortable, and friendly services.

Airport Taxi

As with any airport, you can always grab a taxi from the rink of taxis outside the airport. All registered taxis from the airport operate out of white vehicles and prominently display a taxi number of 1 to 65. The airport regulates the fare, and should cost 1,500 MKD.

Skopje Airport Shuttle Bus

The Skopje Airport Shuttle is the cheapest option to get to the city center from the Skopje airport (and vice-versa). The shuttle costs only 199 MKD, and tickets can be purchased at the airport counter between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm or directly on the bus using local currency or credit card.

The shuttle bus makes four stops on the journey.

  • Holiday Inn
  • Central Bus Station
  • Capital Mall
  • Skopje Airport

The only downside of the airport shuttle bus is the odd timetable, as the shuttle does not run at the same time every day.

How to Get from Skopje to Other Cities in Macedonia

The best way to reach other cities in Macedonia from Skopje is via public bus or by arranging a private taxi.

Is There Food Delivery in Skopje?

Skopje has no big hitters in food delivery like Uber Eats, Glovo, or Wolt. A local company called Klikni Jadi operates similarly to these apps, using an online version. The website is available in English.


Hopefully, with this guide, we could answer all of your questions on how to get around in Skopje.


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